Microblading: Be a professional in the concept of hair to hair eyebrows:

Microblading has consolidated throughout 2017 as one of the most demanded techniques in the design of hair to hair eyebrows. Its adaptability to all types of eyebrows, its permanence of approximately one year or a year and a half and the possibility of achieving a realistic result, have caused that demand for services to be increasing. If you want to make your career in this field, you need to join Micropigmentation Training in Los Angeles.

It is an interesting job opportunity for all those micro-pigmentation professionals who want to expand their catalog of services through this technique, imported from the east and developed in the US in recent years.

The competition is increasing, so being up to date with the new demands within our sector constitutes a competitive advantage in our favor.

Among the advantages offered by Microblading Classes in Los Angeles when designing eyebrows hair by hair, it is precisely that ability to adapt the technique to each need, regardless of the greater or lesser amount of hair or shape. Through this manual technique, the professional can perform a thorough job whose result is realistic.

With the technique created at biotouchacademy.com, you can simulate real hair, either in thickness, shape or color, so that hairs drawn with real hairs are integrated. We also offer the best Paramedical Tattoo Training in Los Angeles.

Microblading is a manual technique and does not involve the use of electric and/or electronic machines and, unlike other permanent makeup treatments such as Micropigmentation, hairs are designed and drawn one by one in the eyebrow.

During the process, a pencil and a special needle are used, through which the pigment is deposited in the first layers of the dermis – unlike the micro-pigmentation, which spreads the pigment. It is thus possible to fill an eyebrow and even achieve a 3D effect.

As in Micropigmentation, it is important that the technician pay attention to details and does a meticulous and not rushed job.

Biotouchacademy.com offers specific training, by qualified professionals in terms of micro pigmentation and microblading and with the possibility of realizing practices in real models.

In addition, for microblading we use high-quality pigments. The choice of color and design is personalized and exclusive for each person. The goal of microblading treatment is the beauty of the eyebrows hair by hair.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this professional output offered by microblading, get in touch with us.


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