Microsoft Announces The Release Of Office 12228.20020 With Great Features

Microsoft Announces The Release Of Office 12228.20020 With Great FeaturesMicrosoft has come up with some new office builds which promise some excellent features in the package. In the excel, one can bring context with the objects of SVG. It is easier to retain map texts and chart along with vectors of SVG when trying to convert the objects in the office program. You can now also see the options of the pen when picking up the surface pen. The draw tab can be activated to make the selection of the pen colours an easy process. In Excel, one can quickly visualize the data into Visio diagrams when using the software. In word the coauthoring experience gets a boost, the content changes made will be readily received in real-time by others. The collaborations can be shared and seen much faster than ever.

Many of the resolved issues

Many issues have been fixed as well, such as the excel crashing while editing the file that was protected when shared by an external network. The narrator and magnifier use at once used to result in a crash but is now one of the resolved issues. In outlook, the forwarded mail that used to be missing the images is now fixed. Proofing suggestions can now be displayed in the contextual menus. Searching via the pane of navigation is now possible in word. The policies related to content can be applied to the comments correctly. In project, the over allocation can be resolved via leveling. The task can be set as complete when it is done, and it no longer gets stuck on 99. In the office suite, the drawings can now be displayed in the previews correctly without errors. There are no issues as before related to katakana characters. Overall the new office 12228.20020 is one of the best releases of office with new and improved features.

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