Microsoft Flight Simulator Makes a Reappearance After 13 Years!

Yes, you heard it right, the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is returning this year after 13 years. Several gamers and the software reviewers are loving this updated simulator video game from Microsoft.

What is a Simulation Video Game?

It is a unique video game that is designed on real-world activities. These games usually copy the movements from real life in the form of a video game. These video games are used for several purposes, such as prediction, analysis, training, and many more.

The early samples of the flight simulation video game by Microsoft shows that it allows you to fly anywhere across the globe. There is a feature in the game “in-simulator 3D globe” that enables the users to choose their destination. So, get set ready for the next flight.

Fly in The Real World Through a Game

Microsoft’s Flight Simulator is making a comeback in August 2020. The game will offer an experience of traveling across the globe by air. During the pandemic, everyone was suggested to avoid non-essential travel plans, which can prove risky for them. Hence, most individuals are missing going around the world due to it. No one knows when this pandemic will end, but the game might help you to fly around the world virtually. So pack up your digital bags!

The Return Of A Classic Game

With the comeback of the Microsoft Flight Simulator, the franchise is turning 38 years old this year. The game was first launched in the year 1982.

In 2019, at the Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3 event, Microsoft had released the pre-alpha footage of the Flight Simulator. The footage shows that Microsoft is planning to release the classic simulation game after the release of the Flight Simulator X. Aces Game Studio was behind the last thirteen instalments of this simulation video game. However, the Aces Game studio was shut down in January 2009, which was a significant blow to Microsoft. This time, Asobo Studio has developed the programand it is developed exclusively for the Xbox One and Windows.

Formally, Microsoft had opened the pre-orders of the game in the second week of July. The official launch of the game is set for August 18, 2020. That is, of course, if there is no delay in the launch due to unforeseen conditions!

Are you excited about the revival of the game? We sure are!

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