Microsoft Office 2019 Mac Student Promo Code – Get the Office Suite:

Office for Mac 2019 has three different variants being 365 Home Premium, Home & Business and Home & Student. Promo code Microsoft Office Mac Home Student 2019 provides the opportunity to save.

Office for Mac Student is actually called as Microsoft Office Mac Home & Student 2019 and this product as the name suggests is meant for home use and also for students. Students and even others purchasing it can make use of Microsoft Office 2019 promo code Mac in such a way that they can get great savings on the money they are paying towards the product. With the help of this new suite, it will be possible for them to create great-looking presentations, spreadsheets and documents. This means that it has PowerPoint, Excel and Word. Even though, Office for Mac Home Premium and Home & Business has Outlook 2019, this Home & Student version does not have Outlook.

However, right from home projects to homework, this product will be useful both for seniors and school children. They can communicate and share with colleagues, friends and family and the same product meant for Windows PC is also available in addition to Mac. The users will be able to get access to their files whenever needed with the help of the free office web apps irrespective of the web browser they are using.

The Word 2019 included in this product and also in Mac University that can be purchased by making use of Microsoft Office 2019 Mac Promo Code provides the opportunity to the users to create instant buzz with media-rich themes, templates and layouts. It will provide them the right kind of platform for communicating their ideas. It also provides the opportunity to share, edit and save documents online.

The PowerPoint 2019 encompassed in Home & Student 2019 suite will provide the users with the opportunity to make presentations that are more professional than before. Several features like photo editing, broadcasting slide show, reordering objects, presenter view, co-authoring, etc.…. are present in PowerPoint.

Microsoft Office 2019 for Mac promo code used for purchasing Mac University 2019 will provide the users with the opportunity to get Excel 2019 as a part of the suite. It will provide the opportunity to the users to manage, analyze and organize things easily. Here too, they can share the spreadsheets created via the World Wide Web by easily integrating. The best features like easy display of data, easy view of trends within the data and it is also possible to effectively manage data. Summarization of data is possible through Pivot table and they can program easily across programs due to Visual Basic integration. The Excel Web app provides the base for accessing the files from anywhere in the world through a computer with internet access.

So, office for Mac Student & Home 2019 can be helpful for students. But, before getting it on to their Mac, they should make sure that the system requirements mentioned below are rightly met:

  • A Mac system with Intel Processor
  • Mac Operating System Version 10.5.8 or later
  • Recommended RAM of 1 GB
  • When the installation is done through a network, there should be DVD Drive or a connection to a LAN.
  • In addition, some features need internet access and some of them need a Microsoft account and HFS+ hard disk format.

Not only this Home & Student, can children also make use of Office 2019 Promo Code Mac for purchasing the academic version of the Office Suite.

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