Microsoft Office 2019

Microsoft Office 2019 is one of the most recent update of the Microsoft Office Package. It was launched a few years ago. It contains Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint, as well as platforms like Skype for Business, SharePoint, as well as Exchange, which were previously accessible in previous Office packages (such as Office 2016 as well as Office 2013).

Office 2019 Requirements

To install the updated package, you’ll need Windows 10. The chief factor for this is that Microsoft intends to upgrade its Office applications twice a year in the future, similar to how Windows 10 is updated presently. The technology must be compatible in order for everything to run smoothly.

Furthermore, because older versions of Office are not updated twice a year, Microsoft intends to phase them away over time. Most of Microsoft’s technology is now aiming for this timeline.

The advantage for you, the client, is that if you enable Windows Updates to download, you’ll constantly have the most up-to-date editions of both Windows 10 and Office 2010 at all times. Microsoft also stated that Office 2019 will be supported for five years, with an additional two years of enhanced support available after that. This implies you may buy Office 2019 today and use it until 2026 at the earliest.

Microsoft 365 vs. Office 2019

Microsoft Office 2019 will be “lifelong,” according to the company. This implies that, unlike Microsoft 365, the Office package may be purchased and owned. You will not be required to pay a monthly fee to utilize it (as is the case with Microsoft 365).

Microsoft is taking this step because they recognize that not all customers are equipped for the internet (or don’t appreciate it) and want to retain their works on their own computers. Many users fear that the cloud is insecure and that they want control over their data on their own terms. Of course, some people do not wish to spend a monthly charge in order to utilize the service.

If you already have Microsoft 365, there’s no need to upgrade to Office 2019, unless you wish to cancel your membership and transfer all of your work to a different location. However, if you choose to do so, you may still save your content to the cloud using services like OneDrive, Google Drive, as well as Dropbox. You can avoid paying the monthly annual charge for Microsoft 365 by doing so.

New Features

Here are a couple of the additional features in the Microsoft Office 2019 package:

  • New improved inking tools, including as pressure responsiveness are available in Microsoft Office 2019.
  • New visual tools in PowerPoint 2019 include Morph and Zoom.
  • Excel 2019 includes new formulae and charts to enhance analysis of data.
  • Updates to SharePoint, Exchange, and Skype for Business bring improvements to telephony, security, and IT planning, among other things.


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