Microsoft Office Mobile Edition Features the Same Apps Seen On Other Platforms

The Microsoft Office Mobile Edition Features the Same Apps Seen On Other PlatformsMicrosoft office is a fantastic software that has been by billions all around the globe as it provides the tools required for creating the presentation and documents with in-depth reports and analysis. Countless companies have been known to make the switch to software in order to increase their productivity. The mobile edition of Microsoft office includes different applications including Word and PowerPoint to mention a few.

The Mobile Home Edition

  • The Microsoft office home mobile edition lists the notes and recent documents. The buttons are available at the foot to create the documents and also for processions of the PDFs. You can always add new documents and the plus icon on the screen of home can display you the icon for making new documents and notes.
  • For instance, the lens icon allows you to make use of the camera for scanning the text and tables for creating the PDFs. The documents can be created in the word application and excel, you can do the same in PowerPoint documents.
  • This can be done from scratch, while you can also create an excel worksheet and word document by simply scanning the content that has been printed and already exists.

Actions Associated With File

  • A big screen will showcase the actions of office mobile, however, the iPhone divides the same into two parts. These include the conversion of images into tables or text. The options for PDF processing are also listed.
  • For transferring the file from the system one can pair the phone and PC and further transfer the files using the servers of Microsoft. The office mobile edition has a feature of image to text that easily extracts the text present inside a photo.
  • The typescript is successfully taken out of a photo however the results are not always satisfactory, however, they are good enough, and they can be compared close enough to the results provided by adobe scan. Once you copy the text to the clipboard, you can save the form of the image as PDF. The features in the mobile edition of have enough room for improvement and currently has extensive features that assist the users in finishing the tasks optimally.

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