Microsoft removes individual Office 2019 licenses from the home program

According to Computer World, Microsoft has decided to remove the unique Office 2019 licenses from its Home Use Program (HUP). Microsoft made this decision a bit in silence and decided to review the HUP frequently asked questions with updated information instead of an important announcement.

HUP is for the ignorant, a program that allows users to effectively buy a discounted version of the office suite they use at work for home use, provided they work in a “legitimate business.” Unfortunately, this is no longer possible for people who have benefited from this program and benefit from the offline experience of the standard Office 2019 suite.

In the future, HUP fans will only have access to discounted versions of Office 365 Home and Office 365 Personal. Both require an annual subscription, as opposed to single license purchases.

Buying office professional plus 2019 and Office Home and Business 2019 are no longer available as home use programs,” says the updated HUP FAQ.

Microsoft has not prevented anyone from buying office professional plus 2019 through the usual channels, and this is unlikely to happen in the near future. However, the fact that individual clients become recurring expenses has clear benefits for companies. Maybe they will follow this path in a few years, only time will tell.
MS, which continues to push through the cloud, is very flat, and the sad thing is that people believe it. Software users love this idea and determine if it suits more than 3,000 users. They always try to mention amazing features, such as file sharing (anyone with a well-informed network already has it).

I hope everyone realizes that this is a test for Windows as a subscription model.

I am currently using Office 2010. Although I have Office 2000 and Office XP, I moved to Libre Office several years ago. I have been using OpenOffice for many years and I have never missed Microsoft Office. It has all the features that I need. In addition, one of the companies I worked with managed to migrate from unlicensed copies of Microsoft Office to OpenOffice. On my laptop, OpenOffice works fine and on my tablet, I use WPS (it was Kingsoft). You want it and don’t empty my bag.
However, OpenOffice / LibreOffice Calc is still somewhat limited compared to Microsoft Excel for advanced users who perform complex jobs on large business tables. Limitations have been mentioned in 1024 columns, lack of VBA support, limited database connectivity and some quality of life features in Excel in some spreadsheets, both personally and on the Web. Many companies and advanced users use Microsoft Office only by Excel. However, people and small businesses have no reason not to migrate to OpenOffice / LibreOffice. I think they are easier to use than the latest versions of MS Office.

If Linux could take the game and user comfort to the Windows 7 level, it could update at intervals of a few years and exit. Now you have to pay every year and it is a networked product. Don’t we have enough networking stuff?

I recommend them to everyone. There is other free office software, but I use them. However, office products are still the most common software system at present.Wide ranges of microsoft windows for sale are available at for the users.If you need visit it .

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