Microsoft Rethinks Decision Of Forcing Bing Search For Office 365 has revised the decision of making forceful installation of Bing for Office 365 ProPlus users as announced on the 22nd of January. The office com setup provider Microsoft has considered their decision and announced that the Microsoft Search in Bing Google Chrome extension will not be forcibly installed. By targeting the monthly channel Microsoft had planned to roll out the extension to enterprise customers starting from Office 365 ProPlus, Version 2002. The decision was to be implemented from the early march. The decision was revised keeping customers interest in mind.

Microsoft has said that they have heard customer response to be negative and that the customers want an option of opt-in so that they can govern the change from happening. Redmond says that the extension of Bing will now not get automatically installed as originally planned by the tech giant.

A new toggle will be deployed. By clicking on this toggle the users of Office 365 plus users will be able to use the Bing extension. Office 365 Pro Plus will deploy browser extension to only Ad-joined devices. Ever since the decision to forcibly install Bing as a default search engine, the users had announced their dissent on various platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, etc.

Looking at the huge disappointment of the users of Office 365 the tech company felt the urge to check their decision. Some users had even decided to completely uninstall Chrome instead of accepting the forceful change. This must have been seen as a threat to the popularity of the tech giant. What seems is that the tech company Microsoft is in no way willing to implement a decision that would be disheartening to its user or affect its popularity.

The tech giant allows several useful software to the users by giving the office setup through its official website. Hardly any company exists which can match the persona of the tech giant. Hence it seems a better decision from their side to avoid forceful installation of Bing in the user’s device.

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