Microsoft Surface Duo: Everything You Should Know

It is official! Microsoft is set to launch its novel device featuring two displays that fold in on each other.

The Microsoft Surface Duo is priced at $1,399 and will go on sale on September 10, 2020.

Is it going to be a big phone or a tiny laptop?

Well, Microsoft has not revealed all the details about the device yet. But we have tried our best to put together all the available information about the Microsoft Surface Duo. Till then you may go through this article and get a little glimpse of this pseudo-foldable mobile device.

What is Microsoft Surface Duo?

It is a dual-display computing device under Microsoft’s line of Surface products, which used to feature only laptops, tablets, and premium headphones until the Surface Duo joined in.

This is not a regular Windows-powered phone or tablet but the first MS product running Android.

It is safe to say that this is the first Android-powered product from Microsoft.

Although the device will make phone calls and perform most other smartphone functions the company is yet to announce if the Surface Duo is considered a phone or a tablet or simply a surface.

The Surface Duo will have access to the millions of apps on the Google Play Store.


The most defining feature of the Microsoft Surface Duo is its foldable nature with the dual-display format.

It has a magical 360° hinge that allows you to easily fold one screen back to make or take phone calls, fold it into a tent, and watch your favorite shows. It is thin, light, and less than .40“(9.9 mm) when folded. It allows you to view two apps side-by-side and increase your productivity. You can also fold it like a little laptop and type on a virtual keyboard.

You must be wondering where the camera on a Microsoft Surface Duo is. The Surface Duo only has a front-facing selfie camera and nothing on the rear panels except the Microsoft logo. You can still click a regular image by folding both the displays outward and then spinning the front-cam around. The display facing you will show the camera’s viewfinder and the display opposite to you will capture the image. This way you will be able to operate it as you would a “normal” smartphone.

It is not that Microsoft Surface Duo is the first-ever dual-screen device. There are comparable devices like LG Velvet and LG V60 with an optional secondary display. Although, these phones by LG are not very similar to the Surface Duo; the fact that they are not different should not be ignored. Samsung also launched a dual-screen screen phone recently. This means that everyone in the technical market is looking forward to a dual-screen future.

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