Microsoft Word And How Can It Help You

Microsoft Word is a word processor that was initially released in 1983 by Microsoft. Since then, Microsoft has produced a slew of newer versions, each with greater features and more advanced technologies than the one preceding it. Microsoft 365 is the most recent web-based version of Microsoft Word, however Word 2019 is included with the software edition of Office 2019.

All Microsoft program packages contain Microsoft Word. Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Excel are also included in the most basic (and cheapest) suites. Other Office apps, such as  Skype for Business and Microsoft Outlook, are included in more suites.

Is Microsoft Word A Requirement?

You don’t have to buy Microsoft Word if all you need to do is write simple documents using sentences, bulleted and numerical lists, and minimal formatting. With Windows systems, you could use WordPad app. You’ll need a more capable word processing tool if you need to accomplish more than that.

You can select from a choice of predefined designs and styles in Microsoft Word, making it simple to edit long documents with a click of the mouse. You may also use your computer and the internet to enter pictures and movies, draw shapes, and build and insert various charts.

You can utilize the tools in Ms Office 2019 to adjust margins and headers, insert page breaks, construct columns, and even adjust the space between lines if you’re producing a book or designing a brochure, something you can’t do successfully (or at all) in WordPad or a program that you love using. There are other options for creating a table of contents with just one click. You can also include footnotes, headings, and footers in your document. Bibliographies, subtitles, a table of numbers, and even cross-references can all be created.

If any of them sound like something you’d like to do with your next writing project, Ms Office 2019 is recommended.

Do You Have Microsoft Word On Your Computer?

Microsoft Word may already be installed on your desktop, laptop, or even smartphone. You should find out before buying the product.

Where Can I Find Microsoft Word?

If you’re certain you don’t currently have a Microsoft Office suite, Microsoft 365 can provide you with the most recent edition of Microsoft Word. Microsoft 365, on the other hand, is a regular subscription. Consider obtaining Office entirely if you don’t want to pay a monthly fee. At the Microsoft Marketplace, you can compare and buy all of the various editions and packages.

Microsoft Word’s Beginnings

There have numerous editions of the Microsoft Office suite over the decades. The majority of these editions ranged from low-cost suites that simply featured the most fundamental programs (often Word, Excel and PowerPoint,) to higher-cost packages, which included most or all of programs (Excel, Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, SharePoint, OneNote, Exchange, Skype, and more). These suites variants were dubbed “Home and Student,” “Personal,” as well as “Professional.” There are far too many permutations to list here, but it’s worth noting that Word comes standard with every suite you purchase.

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