Migraine A Dangerous Disease

Summary: Migraine is a common health issue which is more than a headache. People usually overlook the occurrence of migraine and don’t pay attention to its symptoms which surely takes a toll on their overall lifestyle.

Migraine has been considered as one painful condition that surely affects the quality of life of a person. Some people consider migraine to be very dangerous for health. Others might take it for granted. Several studies have indicated the fact that migraine comes with a higher risk of ischemic, however, not a haemorrhagic stroke.

Migraine: Much More Than a Severe Headache:

According to the best neurologist in India, migraine is much more than a bad headache happening to a person. This is known to be a neurological disease which comes with extremely incapacitating neurological symptoms. This kind of headache comes with a throbbing recurring pain on one side of your head. However, in about one out of three attacks of migraine, both the sides of your head are affected. The best neurologist in India further suggests that in many cases, other disabling symptoms of migraine are present without headache. These attacks are usually accompanied by the symptoms such as dizziness, vomiting, nausea, extreme sensitivity to sound, touch, light, and smell, numbness in the face, etc. some sufferers of migraine may also suffer from a visual disturbance known as aura that lasts for more than an hour. Attacks of migraine usually last 4-72 hours.

Migraine Diminishes the Quality of Life:

The best neurologist in India points out that for many sufferers, migraine is a chronic disease which certainly has effects on their overall quality of life. He further states than more than 4 million adults experience migraine on a chronic level. The factors such as anxiety, depression, as well as sleep disturbances further add insult to injury, thereby making their condition even worse than before. Some studies also suggest that more than 20 percent of chronic migraine sufferers are disabled. Thus, migraine surely takes a toll on the overall quality of a person’s life.

Migraine Can Affect Kids as Well:

Many doctors have assented to the fact that migraine goes undiagnosed in the children. Studies reveal than about 10 percent of school-age children suffer from the problem of migraine. Half of these children start experiencing migraine headache before 12 years of age. What’s more surprising is that migraine has been reported in children who are as young as 18 months old. Boys suffer from migraine more than the girls do. However, as adolescence approaches, this event increases more in girls than boys.

Migraine is Often Left Undiagnosed:

The best neurologist in India says that what’s more miserable is that migraine is left undiagnosed in many people. This makes the situation worse for the sufferers. Many reports have also claimed that more than half of all kinds of migraine sufferers are never diagnosed for the condition. The vast majority of sufferers of migraine do not look forward to seeking medical care for their constant headache. Only a minority of people address the problem and approach the different treatment options of this problem.

Despite the vast prevalence of migraine as well as its serious effect on the people at large, migraine is overlooked. Migraine is a dangerous health issue and it needs to be addressed at once.

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