Migrate and Integrate Data at Speed Using InfoCepts’ Real-Time Data Streamer

Gaining actionable data is easier with a real-time data streamer or RTDS, which is one of the innovative data integration services provided by InfoCepts. With this solution, you can get the data at the time you need it. You are no longer constrained by the wait times associated with data gathering, processing, and distribution which are typical of traditional data integration processes.

A real-time data streamer is an accelerator that moves data between legacy and modern data systems in near real-time. It’s cost-effective, efficient, and reliable, allowing you to transition from a once-a-day batch to an entire-day stream mode. All this ultimately accelerates time-to-insights. InfoCepts’ easily extensible RTDS is a portable and secure data streaming alternative that offers comprehensive support for Kafka, databases, files and more

How can it help your business?

InfoCepts’ RTDS makes it easy to connect your source systems to your analytics systems in real-time, with features like CDC, query, and API-based ingestion. It offers the best of both worlds as it provides the flexibility of a bespoke system with the stability and cost-effectiveness of a pre-packaged solution. Data integration services by InfoCepts are proven to be 80 percent cheaper than others.

Respond faster to business events

Your organization constantly generates data at a staggering rate, and it can be extremely challenging to keep track of all that information in real-time, especially if they are from disparate sources. Real-time analytics empowers you to use data from various sources within your organization efficiently and quickly so you can make informed business decisions promptly. It can also boost operational uptime and predict errors before affecting customers. This way, your organization becomes proactive instead of reactive.

More benefits for your business

InfoCepts’ data integration services automate operations and data collection round-the-clock. Our real-time data streamer is especially useful for businesses looking to (1) improve the way they use data and (2) make it actionable in a matter of milliseconds. It accelerates time-to-insights by establishing real-time data pipelines that connect source systems to analytics systems.

Talk to InfoCepts to learn more about this real-time data streamer and how it can work for your organization.

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