Military Time Converter: Convert Military Time to Standard Time

Here is a conversion chart converting regular time to military time and how you would read or say that military time. Below you can find a calculator to convert standard time to military time, military time charts and a printable version of the military time charts. Tired of feeling like a civilian chucklehead, I decided once and for all to learn how to convert military time to standard time quickly and easily. Military time, with its special notation and syntax, is usually only used in certain contexts. The military is an obvious example, but hospitals and emergency services also use the 24-hour timekeeping system. If you look at our list of military time zones, you will notice that the letter J is missing. J Time, or Juliet Time, does not refer to a particular time zone but can be used to denote the local time of the person stating the time. You can convert military time to standard 12-hour time using several methods; we’ll cover a few here. In the event you loved this short article and you want to receive more info about military time chart assure visit our web-site. The first two digits represent the number of hours and the later two represent the number of minutes, from 00 to 59. The military will continue to use the 24-hour clock for many years to come mainly because it eliminates confusion. This also makes it easier when traveling to other countries on a deployment. Military time will always be used for assigning tasks and planning missions. Military time is part of the first line of security and will always be part of the military’s heritage and tradition. The main thing to know about military time is that it never changes. This makes it easier for everyone, especially new soldiers, to understand when they need to be somewhere. The new boot camp recruit will learn military time before even entering boot camp.

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