Minecraft Nether Update: How to Ride the Strider Newly Added Mob

Everyone is fond of Minecraft, the popular sandbox video game developed by Mojang Studios. Even though it has almost completed its nine-year of release anniversary but still the game intrigues gamers. Major credit for this acclamation must also go to Mojang Studios who keep on adding up new events and updates frequently in Minecraft. Thus, the game always seems out to be new to gamers. Following its own perseverance, Mojang Studios has recently added a new update to Minecraft known as Nether Update. This update has brought various new elements and features to Minecraft, and in this article, we are going to focus upon one of the newly added aspects known as Strider. Below we have provided a proper workaround to help the gamers to ride the Strider in Minecraft.

About Striders

The gamers first need to know about Strider before proceeding further to the following process. Strider is one of the new mob bosses of Minecraft which looks like a beast. Gamers who are roaming around lava seas are more likely to encounter baby Strider in Minecraft. The creature tends to live in a home which is amid magma. Meanwhile, gamers who try to extract their home from the magma need to know that the houses began to collapse soon after gamers start doing it. Thus, gamers have to visit the house in the presence of lava. Thus, gamers have to avail of the Striders because they are the ones that can help the gamers to ride over the lava. Below we have provided information to ride the Striders in Minecraft.

How to Ride the Strider Newly Added Mob in Minecraft?

The gamers need to know that Striders are one of the most promising transport mediums in Minecraft, especially when gamers have to roll over lava. Alongside, Striders are specially built with the ability to saddle. However, the controlling of the ride can be an issue and to restraint the Strider, gamers have to craft an item known as Warped Fungus. Gamers require to use a fishing rod and Warped Fungus to craft the prerequisite item, and once they successfully crafted it, then they have to start riding the Strider. Alongside, gamers can also start breeding the Strider to produce babies that can help them to increase the number of transporting mediums to cross the lava sea. The gamers have to feed a Wared Fungus to two Striders and then in no time; their breeding will be started. Gamers can also use Striders for farming of their lands alongside for trading purposes.


The article contains information about Minecraft’s Nether Update. In this article, we have discussed the Strider aspect of Minecraft. The article contains information about ways to ride the Striders in Minecraft. We hope that all the gamers who have visited this article will definitely accomplish their purpose through it and will surely find this article helpful.

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