Minors Kills Alok Gupta

Parental negligence has made minor to booked under drinks and drive and killed Alok Gupta in a road accident in Gurugram

Is it parental negligence or has it become a culture of High-society to raise children in a way that meets all their needs? Because of ‘Drink and drive’ cases, the accident rate is escalating these days in Gurugram.

Despite giving cultural and moral values to their kids, people like Dheeraj Taneja (owner of the car), Damanjeet Singh ( Air India Pilot, resident of South Close, Sector 50 – Gurgaon and Rajshri Datta, the father ofresident of The Hibiscus- Sector 50 Gurgaon encouraged their kids to consume alcohol at a very young age.

Alok Gupta, father of two sons, a passionate biker, who always upholds the laws of public safety has lost his life in an accident because of the negligence of the drunk minors on August 23.

The two teenagers involved in this accident who were drunk and driving Ecosport way back to their home from a party which was arranged by Dheeraj Taneja on his son’s Aditya Taneja’s birthday. After partying till 4:30 in the morning, they borrowed the car from the host and left.

On their way back home, S/o Damanjit Singh  ( Air India Pilot ) was driving the car and lost his control and met with an accident in which Alok Gupta, who was enjoying his ride on Sunday morning, lost his life. The observed alcohol content was way higher than permissible limits.

On the other hand, Chander Mohan, the deputy police commissioner said “If the applicant had not cooperated in the investigations, then we could have arrested them.”

Now te question is, a person has lost his life in an accident but who is the real culprit?

Driver without license and was drunk

Damanjeet Singh – an Air India Pilot who forgot to give moral values to their son

Renu Bharadwaj forgot to give moral values to their son

Ritwik Datta, who accompanied in all crimes of drink and drive

Rajshri Datta and rachna Datta, who forgot to give moral values to their kids

Dhiraj Taneja and Kapila Taneja who served alcohol to the teenagers

Aditya Taneja , on whose birthday alcohol was served.

If the offenders are not being prosecuted for the harm they have done to the family of someone so how can the family of the victim be brought to justice?

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