Minoxidil Side Effects After Discontinuing

Minoxidil is also known as Rogaine, is a drug that doctors initially used to treat hypertension diseases. The Food and Drug Administration ( FDA) then approved minoxidil for hair loss after noticing hair growth as one of the side effects in patients who used it.

Today, most dermatologists suggest it for people who suffer from hair loss so that they can regrow their hair back. Minoxidil helps in blood flow around the hair follicles area, which provides the required nutrients for hair, thus leading to the growth of new hair.

Minoxidil for hair loss is usually available in foam and liquid form, and its prescription is that you apply it directly on the affected area twice per day.

How minoxidil works

Minoxidil is known to boost the rate at which blood flows in the scalp. Blood flow is essential as it brings nutrients and oxygen, which helps in the growth of hair. It also helps to increase the density and maintain the existing hair, thus treating initial hair fall when you use it in low concentrations.

The drug may show results within four to six months of continuous and proper usage. Your hair may shed off at the early stage of using minoxidil for hair loss, a sign that it is effective, and your hair will grow after that.

Minoxidil side effects after discontinuing

Many people have been asking about minoxidil side effects after stopping to use it. The type of hair usually determines how one will experience the side effects. For example, when you were using minoxidil to treat various types of hair loss, such as female and male pattern baldness, hair loss may occur back to its initial stage when you stop using the drug.

Research has recorded that minoxidil does not primarily cure hair loss. Neither does it cure baldness. It only helps in strengthening weak hair, thin, thickening hair, and making small hair grow larger. It means that when you stop using minoxidil, all the functions mentioned above will not be taking place. Meaning the hair will go back as it was initially.

The hair shedding process continues in three to four months after a discontinued usage of minoxidil. This means that one should not stop using this drug forever. However, in cases where minoxidil is to help regrow hair lost due to nutritional deficiencies such as Anaemia, hair loss may not occur upon discontinuing.

After stopping minoxidil usage, falling hair is always expected for those who suffer from hair loss due to genetics, stress, etc. All the hair that was grown as a result of using the above drug falls out. A person goes back to their initial look.

How one can stop hair fall after discontinuity of minoxidil usage

i)Use of natural oils to massage the scalp helps regulate and increase the blood flow on the scalp roots, thus stimulating hair growth.

ii) Eating well-balanced diet proteins, irons, and vitamins help provide nutrients that boost the cells responsible for the growth of hair follicles, thus stimulating the growth of healthy hair and increasing the density of the existing ones.


Minoxidil works differently depending on the type and level of hair loss from person to person. One can combine minoxidil for hair loss with other drugs such as Finasteride so that they don’t experience extensive hair loss even after discontinuing the medication.

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