Missed with your filing dates? Don’t worry; try our ACA late filing methods?

ACA filing procedures with the IRS entails a myriad of pursuits, making the ACA compliance filing methods burdensome for the employers. Herein, ACA Compliance Solutions Services, Inc. with over 50 years of experience comes to streamline the ACA late filing procedures along with the entire filing process guided by the latest technology.

This reputed compliance service offers to employers with professionally experienced ACA experts, who can tactfully simplify the entire late filling process of ACA, thereby mitigating the excess work pressure of the employers.

What the ACA Compliance and Filing Procedure areall about?

According to the compliance regulations, employers who have a minimum of fifty or more full-time employees, each working for at least 30 hours a week, are required to file the 1094C and 1095C forms for each of their permanent employees. Thus, the employers should file these two annual reports to IRS alongside the details of the written evidence of their health insurance coverage facilities they offer to their permanent employees.

Now, on this coverage offered to the employees, the employers must file this yearly report. Thus, the employers failing to submit the yearly IRS return or separate statements to the permanent employees are imposed with a forfeiture amount by IRS.

Thus, if an employer fails to submit the IRS 5500 form, they can do so by paying hefty penalties. The IRS penalty for late filing of the 5500 form is $25 a day and can go up to $15,000 depending on the number of days the employer fails to meet the compliance. Besides, all employers missing the filing date have to pay additional DOL or Department of Labour forfeiture amounts up to $1,100 a day only, with no maximum limits.

Again, many employers may have already executed a detailed evaluation of ACA compliance procedures, whereupon deciding on the point, that paying the ACA penalties can be less costly than the price of sustaining the group health plan for the employees. However, other employers may intend to continue with the prevailing health insurance coverage plans for their employees, as their insurance plans are treated as a necessary part of the benefits package, especially in the labour market.

Besides, these employers also know that removing the prevailing health insurance coverage and compelling employees to labour exchanges can negatively affect their morale and productivity.

How to avoid ACA Late Filing Charges with ACA Compliance Solutions?

Now, if the employers have failed to submit their annual reports to IRS regarding ACA compliances, and might have also disregarded the forfeiture letters from IRS can be subjected to heavy fiscal loss. Therefore, it would be a smart move for the employers to entrust these mundane and intricate filing procedures to some reputed professional agency such as ACA Compliance Solutions Services Inc., and get relieved from filing and costly penalty-related procedures.

This authentic legally accredited agency thus offers the filing services to their client or employers by collating all the essential information from each employee, actualising comprehensive evaluation, and eventually accomplishing the e-filing formalities to the IRS on time.

They provide the self-insured 1094C and 1095C forms with appropriate fillings for guaranteeing the needed exactness of calculating the fines. With extensive experience in managing their previous clients on preparing these ACA compliance forms, they undoubtedly offer their expert services for their existing clientele or employers.


Hence, ACA Compliance Solution Services, Inc. offers all-encompassing services pertinent to ACA late filing and linked compliances, thereby helping and easing out the bothersome responsibilities from their employers or clients amidst the unpredictable stipulations of ACA and IRS guidelines.

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