Mistakes that let you get failed while learning to drive

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Sometimes passing your driving test turns out to be difficult especially when you assume a major mistake as a minor mistake in the wrong way.A recent survey has revealed the truth that just half of the examinees get passed in the test.

It’s not the rigorous norms to let you fail, it’s your fault that lets the examiner fails you.Continuous practice, confidence level, and learning from your mistakes have proven the tools to clear your driving test.

Your fault will be classified as one of the following by the examiner:

Either A Danger Fault or it would be a Driving Fault or a Serious Fault. But try not to fall under any of these categories.

The manual driving course in Langley and driving instructors in Uxbridge will guide you all about what you want to know. These offer the high structured driving lessons with better results.

Let’s discuss, what makes a fail, what to avoid on the day of your test, and how these mistakes can be recognized as big faults.

  • Vision Observation: Your vision is the first to be checked before you start. It has been asked many times to read out the car number plate just before you start the test. Eyes are considered very important while you are on the road. You must have a sharp view, especially at junctions and intersection points. Just remember if you get failed the sight test, you won’t be asked to go further with a test.


  • Mirrors: These are side mirrors and rear mirrors. Again, you will be checked by the examiner on how adroit and well-trained you are while drivingby using all the mirrors. You should be cautious, especially at taking turns, at junctions, roundabouts, and while maneuvering. Failing to perform this during the test,is considered to bea common fault.


  • Traffic Signals/Lights:Always gain knowledge about traffic signals. The examiners are very particular when it comes to traffic signals or lights. You should be familiar with each signal’s meaning. Appropriately respond to traffic signals. Failing to make necessary observations at signals will be counted as a fault under ‘Response to traffic signals’. The driving instructor in Uxbridge has a pool of the best instructors, highly sophisticated who trainpeople to learn driving.


  • Steering Control:Your strong control over the steering comes out with the core testing of your driving. You must steer the car as smoothly as possible. Steering too early or late can hit the kerb or other vehicles sometimes leads to a dangerous situation. Avoid close-quarter situations. You must have a good hold during an emergency stop, reverse the car, and parking. Not having proper control will give a result-failed.The more you have your hands-on on the steering the faster you get the control.


  • Positioning Your Car: Always an important factor while driving. Poor positioning on the road will declare you failed. You see the middle marked lanes so try to be there only. You must position your car in the right way for your proposed route. Avoid changing lanes, do it when required. These are all taught atenadrivingschool’s manual driving course in Langley.


  • Reverse Parking:Again the examiner assesses how you do reverse parking. There are two points to keep in mind while reverse parking-one is parallel parking at the roadside another is reverse parking in a parking bay. People find these two difficult to learn. You need more practice to be competent in reverse parking. Not keeping control of taking your car in reverse will be enough to fail you. Sometimes you make too many attempts to reposition the car while parking, it depends on the examiner to pass or fail you. ENA driving offers qualified driving instructors in Uxbridge.


At last, if you avoid the above-discussed mistakes on the day of your test no examiner can stop you to get the license. All you need to do is try to join a driving course and come as a winner with regular practice.

Your instructor plays a very significant role to make to learn drive. Highly experienced instructors will certainly help you out learning the driving skills in less time.

Remember you need to be a good driver to pass the test!

Join the best driving school today.

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