Mistakes To Avoid When Wearing Masks

After the rise of the Covid – 19 pandemic virus, most governments recommend people to wear masks whenever in public to protect others. Masks are proven to be an effective way of curbing the spread of the virus. Before the coronavirus, masks’ use in dangerous chemical production industries and surgery rooms. Since the virus is transmitted from one person to another after they come into contact with droplets from an infected person, this requires people to take preventative measures to avoid getting the virus. That’s the reason why the masks are so important. Some people can buy so effective N95 masks, but if they don’t wear them properly, that mask will be of no use. The small mistakes people make when wearing masks make it difficult for the countries to control the virus’s spreading. The article seeks to drive out some of these mistakes.

  1. Wearing a loose mask

When you wear any mask, ensure it fits on the face properly. But note the mask requires to be in a comfortable position to enable breathing without any restriction. The masks’ goal is to set a barrier for blocking the droplets from slipping the mouth or breathing in contaminated air. The N95 masks are so helpful since they fit the wearers well and don’t leave any gaps. Some men who may experience a challenge in fitting the mask properly because of facial hair must shave it down before wearing a mask. Never wear a loose mask since it will never be helpful to you and other people.

  1. Continuous touch of mask

After the mask gets into contact with various body parts, which have been contaminated with the coronavirus, especially the hands or forehead, and then you put it on, you stand at a high risk of infection. It’s recommended to wash the hands frequently, and whenever you wear the mask, don’t continue to touch it. During this time of Coronavirus pandemic, people must be very careful and develop the behavior of not touching the mask often. When you touch the surfaces, ensure you clean the hands to avoid contracting the virus.

  1. Wearing a mask that doesn’t cover the mouth and nose

Putting on the mask which covers the mouth alone, you are still putting it wrongly. A mask worn over the mouth alone won’t block the droplets whenever you sneeze.  This puts the people near you at risk if you might have the virus. Proper mask wear puts you and other people safe from getting the coronavirus. Many people have failed in this as some claim they have difficulty breathing; that’s why they lower the mask. We recommend the N95 masks since they don’t restrain breathing, and they properly fit you and blocks a good percentage of droplets from the mouth and nose and even particles from the outside environment.

In conclusion, the above mistakes may look small, but they greatly affect people assuming them. Never underestimate the costs these mistakes may cause to your health if they are not avoided. If you are concerned with others’ wellbeing, you will be at the forefront in protecting their lives as you protect yours.

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