Mistakes you want to avoid when you learn how to play poker

Poker is a very interesting game, and one that took the world by storm for many years. While it’s usually connected with gambling and casinos, the truth is that a lot of people play poker,  just like the play other games, for fun and really enjoy the experience. That being said, it can be really easy to make mistakes while learning how to play poker. Which is why we created a list with some of the mistakes you want to avoid while learning how to play this game.


Not knowing the position names

Learning the Poker Table Position Names is actually very important, since it gives you an advantage. It brings a simper, way for you to understand what hand to focus on and which hands are not ok. That’s why studying a chart is extremely important.

A lack of strategy

No two players are the same, each one plays differently. So if you treat all players the same, you are most likely going to lose. Your focus has to be on identifying the right strategy and narrowing down the best approach on how to use that. In the end, having multiple strategies and adapting on the fly is the right thing to do.

Playing too many tables at once

A lot of people that play online tend to play at multiple tables. This is a problem, because you can’t focus on your main match and then you end up losing everywhere. Which is why you want to play only a single table at once. It’s better, it gives the right results, and in the end you will be a lot happier. That’s the right approach, and it will certainly offer the benefits and value that you need.

Over calling

Over calling is problematic because it shows a lack of discipline. More often than not, it can also lead to losses, which is certainly something you want to avoid. It’s definitely a good idea to take your time and assess the situation, just to ensure it’s all working adequately.

You play small pairs early on

That’s an issue, because when you do that you lack improvement. You want to play small pairs when the game is short handed. That’s when short pairs are actually soaring in value, and it’s exactly when you want to focus on stuff like this the most. It’s definitely going to work very well if you do it right.

Repeating the same strategy

This is a problem, because if you repeat the same strategy over and over, then people catch on. It becomes an issue, which is why you want to explore new strategies and always try out something new. It’s definitely going to take a little while to implement these ideas properly, but variety is crucial especially when it comes to poker. That’s why the best poker players in the world are unpredictable.

Starting with a hand that’s sub-standard

Remember, if the hand is not that great, you don’t want to risk your money. A lot of players tend to risk even if they have a bad hand, and that’s the issue. When you do this, more often than not you can end up losing. That’s the stuff you really want to avoid in a situation like this. It’s definitely tricky to do this, but in the end it’s well worth it, so try to take that into consideration.

You are giving the opponents odds that he can play on

Bet strongly if you have a very good hand. If you try to sucker the opponent with a small bet, they might sucker you too, without even knowing. That’s why you need to pay attention here, because opponents can easily bluff and that alone becomes a major problem. It’s certainly something to take into consideration as much as possible.

Disregarding the table image of the opponent

In case you see that the opponent has a very tight table image, then you might reconsider stuff like calling the raise out of your position. If you are playing against known tight players, they might have a strong hand upon raising. Which is why you want to evaluate your chances before you take any decision!

Poker is definitely one of those games that requires plenty of trial and error to master. The truth is that you can make the most out of it and improve if you continue playing. Don’t expect to always obtain amazing results, but if you manage it right, the potential can be incredible. It’s definitely a good idea to focus on improving and experimenting with hands. However, don’t risk randomly just for the sake of doing so. Knowing how to approach risks and how to pursue the best results is important, and it will make a huge difference in the long term!

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