Mobile Billboards: Is This OOH Media Effective?

Mass-market advertising demands that businesses use media that can help them to reach as many customers as possible. As such, there are numerous out-of-home (OOH) advertising avenues with which businesses can sell their brand and products. Notably, avenues like mobile billboards enable advertisers to push the message deeper into the market and closer to the customer.

mobile billboard
Everything about mobile billboards
There are different types of OOH advertising, depending on the design of the resource. Billboards are the most recognizable since they are the most popular of outdoor advertising. However, the biggest undoing of billboards is that they are immobile. As such, only the audience closer to the billboard or one that happens to pass by the billboard views the message.
The coming of mobile billboards, therefore, is the solution to a significant shortcoming of billboard advertising. Notably, mobile billboards are just huge banners placed at the side of a truck. Consequently, one can safely call the media moving billboards. The trucks ferrying the billboard could be dedicated vehicles, or they could be delivery trucks. Trucks crisscross much of the country, bearing in mind that tonnage index of trucks in the US expanded by 3.5% in September 2018. Increased tonnage index means that more trucks are hitting the road to ferry goods.
Billboards for rent are not effective enough
The size of the ROI measures the effectiveness of any media. According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA), OOH advertising guarantees at least $5.67 in product sales for every one dollar spent. Further, the American Trucking Association (ATA) shared that banners wrapped around the trucks enhance the brand’s awareness. In particular, the ATA noted that over 90% of the target audience interact with the message due to high levels of attention.Nevertheless, mobile billboards are less effective because they do not attract the right attention. While man people view the ads, few actually go ahead to make direct action. This targeting problem makes it impossible for this advertising avenue to return desired ROI. Even those who might have interest in the ad do not have the concentration to understand the message.
Also, billboard advertising prices are high
Mobile billboards may be cheaper than, say, TV advertising, but the price is still high. For example, small businesses can hardly raise $20,000 necessary to rent a mobile billboard for 14 days. Particularly, the price gets even ridiculous when you want to advertise in upmarket regions like New York’s Time Square.

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