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As funny as the statement above might sound, the concept itself is not at all farfetched. Mobility nowadays is of crucial importance to so many individuals and businesses. And with the threat of the mainstream exhibition and meeting venues being locked down due to extraordinary circumstances or higher force, Shanghai IS Exhibition Services has recently launched a mobile meeting space solution that already is of great benefit to many of our clients. China exhibition

“IS Mobile Meeting Space” is the first choice for your offline activities when the going gets tough. In the form of a semi-truck with specifically modified, adjusted and fitted interiors, it serves as a physical meeting space on wheels that can travel anywhere as long as there are roads and other necessary infrastructure. This solution enables users to directly approach their target customers where ever they might be and engages with them in a unique and interactive way. Most of all, it offers a great convenience when your company is on a mission to enhance brand exposure, display latest products, listen to customers’ needs and directly acquire their feedback on a subject matter.

Shanghai IS Exhibition Services is not only able to reduce the overall cost of acquiring new and staying in touch with the existing customers, but also to maximize the functions of brand display, communication and negotiation. This is achieved through its own customer big data platform, using modular ideas, and through the shared leasing business operation model. CIIE exhibition supplier

Our Mobile Meeting Space solution offers a space of 120 square meters and is equipped with a number of large multimedia screens and high quality sound system. The space is flexibly designed to meet a variety of meeting specifications including: welcoming area, interactive display, product display, multimedia display, bar area, meeting area and online live broadcast.

In times when many trade shows, exhibitions and other public or private events are being cancelled or postponed due to the sudden virus outbreak restrictions, “IS Mobile Meeting Space” is a perfect solution to your frustration of networking and getting your brand out there. It may not be a fully-fledged exhibition booth or trade fair display, but it certainly offers all the comforts and everything necessary for your perfect on-site presentation of your business and products.

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