Mobile View Mode to be Embedded in MS Office for iOS

Microsoft, the renowned tech giant has just released the preview of the January update of Office for iOS, which states that it will bring mobile view feature in the Office apps, especially MS Word for iOS. This feature along with several others is expected to be added to the Office package on the iOS this month. Mobile view will benefit the iOS users by automatically adjusting the document to the iPad screen.

 With this, you don’t need to pinch or zoom to view the complete document that doesn’t fit the screen of your device. So, if you have ever used Word on an iPad in Split view, then adjusting the screen would not be an issue from now.

As aforementioned, the other new features will include Learning Tools in MS Word. This tool will help the users to highlight each word as it reads a document aloud, adjust column width, text spacing and color of the pages to remove distractions, effortlessly. The new features in PowerPoint will help you recognize the slides that have been edited by someone else. These edited slides will be automatically highlighted in green color. To make the most of this new feature, all you need to have is Office Setup 365 subscription.

In addition, the new accessibility settings will also be implemented PowerPoint, Word and other selected apps of this worldwide popular productivity suite. By these accessibility settings, the users would be able to use large texts to make documents, presentations and worksheets or spreadsheets without putting extra efforts. To find these new settings, you have to follow this path:
Settings -> General -> Accessibility
These three Office applications will enable the iOS11 users to make a lot of other tasks, such as dragging and dropping documents between different applications, much easier. Additionally, you will also be able to move content between two apps. Apart from this, copying the content to other apps by dragging and dropping images, tables and more would be no more hassle.
These new features will be immediately available for the Office insiders. But if you are not enrolled in the beta program, you will have to wait a bit more to access the mobile view as well as other exciting features. Also make sure that your device has been upgraded to iOS11.

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