MOFA Attestation Dubai

What is MOFA Attestation Dubai?

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The Mofa attestation in the UAE is a mandatory process to verify the authenticity of documents and legal certificates required for a family residence visa, employment visa, students visa or any other commercial purposes in the UAE. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs UAE (Mofaic UAE), commonly known as Mofa UAE, is the final step for attestation for certificates issued inside or outside UAE.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs UAE (MOFA UAE) is a UAE government department. It is responsible for maintaining bilateral relations with other countries and framing its foreign policy, which is among some of its primary duties and responsibilities. The Mofa department is also responsible for verifying and authenticating the documents issued by other local government departments.


What are all certificates attested from MOFA?

There are three main categories of certificates that require Mofa attestation. They are segregated based on their nature, shared characteristics, and the relevant government department, which needs to be contacted to get them attested. They include:

Educational Documents

Personal Documents

Commercial Documents

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