Moissanite Wedding Rings – Factors to Be Considered Before Buying

What makes the perfect wedding ring? The answer depends on your taste, but you will want something that reflects your style. However, that does not mean your bands should be expensive. With moissanite wedding rings, you can get sophisticated and stylish symbols of your union at a more reasonable cost.


Moissanite is an excellent choice for couples looking for something different and one-of-a-kind from the usual gemstones, such as diamonds. Its prominence continues to rise over the years for its resemblance to a diamond, but with unique properties that make it stand out and potentially better than its well-known counterpart. It exceeds the fire of diamonds and possesses the most brilliance of any gem. Moreover, it is an ethical gemstone that eliminates worries about social responsibility and the impacts of mining on the environment.


However, not all wedding rings that feature moissanite may have the same quality and brilliance. You also have to ensure authenticity. With these in mind, here are factors to consider before buying moissanite wedding rings.


What moissanite is


The gemstone is made from silicon carbide, the crystalline compound of carbon and silicon, making it valued for its semiconducting properties. Although lab-manufactured for scientific and industrial uses, moissanite has become a well-known diamond alternative for discerning couples looking for a cost-effective and environmentally friendly stone for their engagement and wedding rings.


Color Grades


Commercial moissanite is available in three color grades: faint color, near colorless, and truly colorless. The best moissanite wedding rings have perfect colorless stones, making them more valuable than the first two. As such, make sure you’re investing in bands with true colorless stones.




Like the bands, moissanite stones come in various shapes and sizes, and with the right jeweler, they can be cut in custom geometries. Your rings can be made with metals like 14K or 18K solid white gold, rose gold, or yellow gold, and 950 solid platinum. Some jewelers can design your wedding band to match your engagement ring.


Lifetime guarantee


High-quality and well-made moissanite wedding rings will last forever, but make sure they come with a lifetime guarantee. Verify that they are fully insured and securely packaged for shipping.


About the Company:

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