Money Transfer Services – Expedient and Dependable

The trade development throughout the world has been progressing with every passing year. This huge success is mainly because of the universal acceptance of money, wherein every country has its own currency.  Because of different currencies in the world, there was a dire need for a money transfer system that would transfer the money to and from accounts located in different countries, irrespective of the difference in the currency types. This resulted in the progression of various companies, banks, and financial institutions, who made direct money remittance a standard service in their portfolio.

Nowadays there are different forms of money transfer available to the customers. The evolution of these forms was caused due to the expansion of the international economy in conjunction with the migration of people. Apart from this, there are also a number of other methods through which the money can be transferred. Some of these are money order, bank draft, internet money transfer, and wire transfer.

It is important to understand the basics of these money transfer methods so that you can make an assessment on which method is more effective and suits your specific requirements.

  • Wire Transfer: This is the oldestmethod of money transfer that is existing even before the inception of computerised banking systems. Even today, it is considered as the best way to transfer money between any two bank accounts. The safety level of a wire transfer is very good as the bank or financial institution verifies the account details of the sender as well as the receiver. There is no option of anyone staying anonymous and so it becomes highly safe and easy.
  • Money Order: This type of payment is issued and payable at a bank. The sender of the money requires to fill a form thathas the name, address, and amount along with the name and address of the recipient. In the money order, there is an option of including a small message with it. The main benefit of this money transfer method is that there is no compulsion of having a bank  This is the ideal Domestic Money Transfer method in India.
  • Bank Draft: It is also known as a demand draft that is issued by any money transfer institution or bank and it can be cashed at any banking institution. This is a preferable choice forlarge scale companies because extra security and audit trail attributes are present in it. In the case of a bank draft, the credibility is high as its clearance is completely ensured. This is because in this draft the amount is already paid in full before its issuing.

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