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RV Financing

Financing through a Montana Limited Liability Company (LLC) is specialized. If you have a bank you were planning to work with, particularly if the bank is through a dealer, they almost certainly will not fund your loan through the Montana LLC.

Don’t worry, this only means that you need to work with a lender that will work with your LLC and not increase your interest rate on the loan to do so! Here’s how to do it. Montana Online Vehicle Registration

Credit Unions that work with businesses in your resident state are happy to work with Montana LLC’s. Also, Credit Unions typically offer better RV and auto loan rates than traditional banks. TaxFreeRV has identified Credit Unions in your home state that will work with LLC’s and we are happy to refer them when you are ready. Just give us a call!

Additional 1-time service charge for White Glove Service is $300. Any additional governmental fees required as part of the vehicle loan is charged to you at the exact amount of the fee, if applicable.

White Glove Service

If you would like to leave all the details to us, TaxFreeRV offers White Glove Service to deal with everything related to your RV financing. This additional service offering includes:

TaxFreeRV gathers all the basic information we can that your lender will need to get the ball rolling

We contact who we believe will be the best credit union for your particular profile, supply them with your basic information, and the lender will then contact you directly with a full understanding of the loan through your LLC in advance and get right down to business!

We file any additional forms required by your home state related to this loan and coordinate and transmit any and all required forms directly to your lender. Tax Free RV Registration

We check in with you and your lender to be sure everything is proceeding and confirm that every detail is properly managed with your LLC and your vehicle loan.

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