More about Tungsten Carbide and its uses

Tungsten carbide is available in fine grey color. This is created to give unadulterated and uniform size distribution of the compound needed by the makers of tungsten carbide items. It tends to be handily packed into various sorts of shapes.

Uses of Tungsten carbide

•Tungsten carbide is utilized for the drilling of circuit board, mills and building nozzles.

•Tungsten carbide is used in the production of tools for cutting and inserting.

•Construction industries are using Tungsten carbide for making carbide rod, mining tools, drilling tools, and Tungsten carbide dies parts.

•Tungsten carbide is a powerful neutron reflector as well. It was utilized in examinations concerning atomic chain responses for weapons in prior occasions.

  • Recently, the utilization of tungsten carbide has extended in the assembling of gem specialist things like wedding bands.

•It is likewise utilized in the development of traveling shafts needed by explorers.

Years of experience & knowledge international standards, technologically changes & industrial systems, we are dedicated to provide the best & economical tungsten carbide solutions to valued customers.

Despite the fact that tungsten carbide is for the most part utilized in cutting and metal framing devices, its utilization is spreading to different areas also. It would not be an astonishment to see tungsten carbide giving a solid rivalry to notable metals names like titanium and gold.

About Zhuzhou Better Tungsten Carbide

Zhuzhou Better Tungsten Carbide is a notable name in tungsten industry. We know and value items and furthermore endeavor hard to convey best an incentive to the general public by encouraging practical turn of events.

Long periods of involvement and information of worldwide norms, mechanically changes and modern frameworks, we are devoted to give the best tungsten carbide answers for esteemed clients.

Why Zhuzhou Better Tungsten Carbide?

•We are providing superior crude carbide material with higher wearing resistance and great consumption obstruction.
•We are providing the exact quality items with exacting quality control after complete reviewing and testing hardware.
•Precision resilience to the predetermined shape and size.
•Large load of standard measurement for quick conveyance.

Our organization’s arrangement of items incorporate:
1. tungsten carbide bars,
2. carbide rods
3. carbide strips,
4. carbide rollers,
5. carbide disc cutters,
6. carbide brazed tips,
7. carbide drawing dies,
8. Carbide heading dies.

Zhuzhou Better Tungsten Carbide Strips is committed to investigate the estimation of assets, honor our responsibility for feasible turn of events, with heart of appreciation and regard, to seek after the congruity of nature and people.

We have been clinging to the” make accomplish, advance glad” theory. We rely upon the commitment of representatives and backing by mutual benefit business circumstance of clients.

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