More Than Taste: How a Premium Restaurant Should Interact with Your Other Senses

Food is the star of the show for any dining experience, but the sounds, sights, smells, and feel of a restaurant are more important than you might think. Restaurant owners spend a great deal of time and money to make the atmosphere and ambiance of their restaurant perfect, and it’s worth noticing.

When you head out for your next fine dining Boise adventure, savor the entire experience and soak up the restaurant’s atmosphere to see how it interacts with your senses. If it checks off these boxes, you know you’ve found one of the best in the area.

The Concept Should Be Sophisticated and Clear

If a restaurant’s concept isn’t quite right, then the rest of the experience will suffer. The concept of a restaurant is essentially the foundation that the vibe and the rest of the décor are built upon. Typically, certain types of restaurants will have almost pre-determined concepts that guests have come to know and love.

For example, a diner usually involves a countertop to sit at, cozy booths, pastel colors, and stainless steel, with bright, natural light pouring in. If you walked into a diner and it was dark and only featured uncomfortable folding chairs, you might not enjoy the pancakes and coffee as much.

Every restaurant will have a different concept, so don’t put your expectations into a box. As long as the mood and vibe of the restaurant fit the menu selections and service, the concept is intact and on par.

The Right Lighting for the Mood

If you were at a kid-friendly fast-food restaurant, you’d feel a little uneasy with low mood lighting. On the other hand, eating premium steak and seafood in a fluorescent-lit dining room isn’t right either. Every restaurant will have a different lighting choice, but it matters and can impact the experience significantly.

As they say, you eat with your eyes first. The best steakhouse or fine dining restaurant will feature sophisticated lighting elements that highlight and showcase the food once it arrives at your table.

Music to Your Ears

The sounds of the restaurant matter too. If the music is too loud, you can’t enjoy conversations with your friends or family, yet if it’s too quiet, it can feel awkward. The type of music the restaurant plays can also impact your dining experience. For instance, Chandlers, the best steakhouse Boise has to offer, features smooth, exciting, live jazz performances nightly. At the best fine dining establishments, the music director will know how to tune everything just right so the music adds to the ambiance of the restaurant without being overpowering.

Premium Touches You Can Feel

How things feel in the restaurant, from the silverware to the handle on the main entrance, can be a significant part of the experience. It’s this type of attention to detail that can separate the good restaurants from the great ones. Whether there are granite bar tops or high backed leather booths, the materials and details matter and can be the premium backbone behind the entire sensory experience. If the owners pay close attention to how things feel in their restaurant, the food is practically guaranteed to be phenomenal.

About Chandlers

Since opening in 2007, Chandlers has been the premier steakhouse in downtown Boise. Known for their quality selection of steaks and the freshest seafood Boise has to offer, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more sophisticated and enjoyable dining experience in the Treasure Valley. Frequently featured on local and national “best” lists, guests rave about Chandlers’ menu selection and atmosphere. The restaurant also hosts nightly jazz performances, making them a great spot to catch the best live music Boise has to offer. Whether you’re celebrating a special event or just going out for date night, Chandlers is sure to please.

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