Mortgage Lenders In Colorado Springs

Here Are Some Of The Leading Mortgage Lenders In Colorado Springs.

  1. Colorado Mortgage Company
  2. Diversified Lending in Colorado
  3. Steve Henry, The Mortgage Doctor
  4. Academy Mortgage- Briargate

Colorado Mortgage Company

Mortgage in Colorado Springs Company is a mortgage lender located in 418 W Bijou St, Colorado Springs, CO 80905, the United States which operates since 2012. Colorado Mortgage Company is with a small but talented and amazingly hard-working team. They provide a personal service to every client.

More importantly, Colorado Mortgage Company shop loan programs on behalf of the client which is a great relief to the client. Also, they discuss ideas the client bears and help to chose a plan which is ideal for the client’s ideas.

Colorado Mortgage Company offers several loan programs.

  • All in one loan

It is a loan type that operates as a mortgage. It lowers monthly interest payments. A wealth-building plan for the borrower.

More facts are included in the company’s official web site.

  • Reverse mortgage

To be qualified for the reverse mortgage the requester has to be at least 62 years old. Also, should own a home and has equity in the house to pay off any outstanding balances.

Other than that, the home must be his/her principal residence and should come up with minimum credit and income standards.

  • VA loans
  • Government Loan Programs

Diversified Lending in Colorado

Diversified Lending in Colorado is a mortgage lender operating since 2005. It’s sited at 5350 N Academy Blvd #204, Colorado Springs, CO 80918, US. Diversified Lending is with an A+ rating full-service mortgage broker by the Southern Colorado Better Business Bureau (BBB). This company helps the client with correct guidance also.

Diversified Lending is with the following core values to provide an honest and straightforward service to the client.

  •             Trustworthy
  •             Simplicity
  •             Experienced

Diversified Lending offers several types of loans to clients

  •             FHA loans
  •             VA loans
  •             Conventional loans
  •             Refinance

As mentioned, Diversified Lending does its best to educate and acknowledge its clients. On their official website, they have mentioned how Diversified Lending educates and empowers their clients.

  •             Help clients to understand the mortgage process and their options
  •             Select suitable loans from a variety of lenders and loans
  •             Help clients to have long-term buying and refinancing choices
  •             Helps client to achieve their dreams on own dream home

Steve Henry, The Mortgage Doctor

Steve Henry, The Mortgage Doctor, is a mortgage lender located at 6025 Erin Park Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80918, United States. Mortgage Doctor is a reputed and honored company. It is A+ rated with BBB Accredited Business. Also, it’s a member of NRMA (National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association). Mortgage Doctor has been awarded by the CSBJ Best of Business in 2013 and Best of Business in 2014.

Mortgage Doctor is offering a wide range of mortgage loan types.

  • ARM                                                 B, C, D paper loans
  • Reverse Mortgages                        Combined, Hybrid ARMs
  • Conforming loans                          conventional loans
  • FHA Home Loans                          VA loans
  • Fixed-Rate Mortgages                   HARP loans
  • Jumbo loans                                    Bad Credit Loans
  • Mobile Home Loans                       Modular home loans
  • No documentation loans               Principal 1st loans
  • SBA loans                                         Stated Income Loans
  • Subprime Loans                              USDA Rural Housing Loans

Doctor Mortgage has announced 10 things the client may be acknowledged of, as “10 Commandments”. 10 commandments link: 

Academy Mortgage- Briargate

Academy Mortgages is a user-friendly and responsible mortgage lender which started its carrier as a family-owned company in 1988. The Colorado Spring branch is located at 1880 Office Club Pointe, Colorado Springs, CO 80920, United States. Academy Mortgage is composed of very friendly, talented, and experienced staff. As stated, Academy Mortgage is always focusing on the benefit of the customer.

Why choose Academy Mortgage?

Academy Mortgage is a client-friendly company working at its best to provide the greatest service to its clients. Some main and unique reasons are mentioned on their own.

  • Maintaining a unique Company Culture
  • Focused towards people, their missions and purposes are centric towards people
  • They are accommodative as well as proactive, they do their best for the commitment of the community

Their hope and the mission is a 5P structure which includes,

  • Purpose
  • People
  • Passion
  • Productivity
  • Performance

Academy Mortgage offers a wide range of loans for its clients

  •             FHA loans                                                    Conventional Mortgages
  •             VA loans                                                       Renovation Loans
  •             Refinance loans                                          Jumbo Mortgages
  •             USDA rural development loans
  •             State Housing Agency Loans and DPA Programs
  •             Fixed rate and Adjustable-rate mortgages (ARM)
  •             Reverse mortgages

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