Most Common Types of Flange and their Uses

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What are Flanges ?

A flange is a forged or cast ring used to unite pipe sections or any other machinery that requires a connection point in the middle.Flanges join Valves, Pipes, Pumps and other pieces of pipework together to form a pipework system. 

Flanges are typically welded or threaded, with two flanges bolted together with gaskets to provide a seal that allows easy access to the piping system. Some of the most popular types of flanges include Stainless Steel Flange, Alloy Steel Flange, Carbon Steel Flange, and Nickel Alloy Flange. Dalmine Flanges is a well-known Flange Manufacturer in India.

What are flanges used for?

Flanges are used to join pipes, valves, and fittings, as well as specialist objects such as strainers and pressure vessels. A “blind flange” can be made by connecting two cover plates. Bolting is used to connect flanges, and sealing is often completed by gaskets or other ways. Flanged joints are created by bolting two flanges together with a gasket between them to produce a seal.

Types Of Flanges

Slip On Flanges 

Slip on Flange is essentially a ring that is placed over the pipe end, with the flange face extending from the end of the pipe by enough distance to apply a weld bead on the inside diameter. 

Blind Flanges 

The blind flange is basically a flange that does not have a hub or a bored centre. Blind flanges have the face thickness of a flange, a matching face type, and similar bolting pattern

Orifice Flanges 

Orifice Flanges are used with orifice metres for the purpose of measuring the flow rate of either liquids or gases in the respective pipeline. Pairs of pressure “Tappings”, mostly on 2 sides, directly opposite each other, are machined into the orifice flange.

Socket Weld Flanges

Socket welding (SW) is a method of joining pipes and fittings such as reducers, tees, and elbows. Pipe fittings with socket welds are used to permanently unite pipes that are put into a depression in the fitting, flange, or valve.

Lap Joint Flanges

A lap-joint flange is a two-part assembly consisting of a stub end and a lap-joint ring flange. After that, the stub end is butt welded to the pipe, and the flange ring is turned to line with the mating flange.

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