Most Durable and Attractive Thread: Epic Thread

High-quality fabric and manufacturing practices are not enough to guarantee the quality and longevity of clothing. You need a durable and reliable thread that can keep up with your sewing production line and produce clean, outstanding results.

Only a handful of options can provide those benefits, and among them is the Epic thread by Coats. It is a versatile polyester core-spun sewing thread that suits many applications involving a wide range of fabrics. Whether you use tough denim, delicate silks, and high-performance materials, Epic will produce attractive seams and excellent stitches every time. As such, it is trusted by many leading manufacturers and brands worldwide.

Enhance the quality of your products.

Coats has meticulously engineered Epic polyester threads with a unique lubricant finish. This design ensures the threads perform optimally under minimal tension, even in the harshest sewing production environments. As a result, these threads not only boost your sewing production line’s performance and productivity but also contribute to the aesthetic appeal of the final products. They create pleasing stitches and seams that elevate the overall appearance and texture of the sewn products.

Choose a stronger, reliable thread.

Epic thread is precisely engineered to be more durable and stronger to provide superior performance and consistent results. By using this thread, you can create high-quality garments with lower irregularities and repair rates. Plus, it can boost your production line’s productivity and reduce RTMs.

Coats assures world-class quality on every product, and Epic is no exception. The thread is known for its perfect colour matching and superb abrasion resistance, and the high-strength core makes it compatible with finer threads and needles without impacting strength.

Quality guaranteed

Coats stands behind the quality of Epic thread by getting it certified to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX, Class I. This highly stringent classification applies to textile items for toddlers and babies. In addition, Epic has excellent colour fastness, so it doesn’t wash out or fade quickly, even with repeated washing. It’s no wonder many manufacturers use this thread for blouses, shirts, dress slacks, jackets, swimsuits, lingerie, jeans, workwear, and uniforms. Plus, it’s strong enough for various leather articles.

Learn more at Coats

Visit Coats to discover more benefits about Epic thread, and contact the sales team for any questions or advice.

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