Most Essential Shortcuts That Every iPhone User Should Know

An iPhone is mostly the first choice for many people due to its intelligence and unique features. It has apps and tools that make it easier to handle and get all the tasks done in seconds. But what most people don’t know is that it offers a lot of shortcuts as well, and these shortcuts will easily cover your everyday minor tasks. So, below we have decoded some of the unknown shortcuts for you test them out:

Wireless Services in Control Center

Using the Control Center, you get access to all the commonly used settings on your device. The first hack will take you to the Control Center from where you’ll find the toggles for Wi-Fi, Airplane, and Bluetooth on the top left corner of the screen. Tap and hold on this panel to get the AirDrop and Personal Hotspot options on your screen. Release your hold and tap and hold the panel again to select Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or AirDrop connection. Using the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth toggles will disable those features temporarily, and it will ensure that you don’t, accidentally, use all your cellular data if you forget to turn on Wi-Fi connection. To turn off these features permanently, go to Settings and select Wi-Fi or Bluetooth from the top of your screen.

AirPlay in Control Center

At the Control Center’s top-right panel, you’ll find playback controls for music, podcasts, videos, or other media-playing services on your iPhone.  Start by tapping and holding that top-right panel to expand the controls, including volume control and AirPlay option. If you have connected any other AirPlay devices on your network, then select those connections or devices from this screen for a hassle-free playback switching between the devices.

Additional features in the Control Center

The Control Center also features sliders for Brightness and Volume to tweak the settings. Tap and hold on either of these sliders to find more shortcuts appearing on your screen. If you increase the Brightness slider, you will be directed to the toggles for Night Shift, Dark Mode, and True Tone. The AirPods Pro users can expand the Volume slider to use the noise cancellation mode on their earbuds.

At the bottom of the Control Center, there is a row of icons that offers additional shortcuts. If you tap and hold some of these icons, you’ll be directed to a page mentioning all the functions of those apps. You can even use these shortcuts to set a timer, access the camera, use a calculator, and tweak the brightness of the flashlight.


Spotlight is the most underestimated app on an iPhone. Use the swipe down motion in the middle of the Home Screen to find a search bar appearing on your screen. This search bar will help you find anything you want on your iPhone. You can use it to find the apps quickly and surf through the websites. It can also find you contact details, emails, and perform calculations, currency conversion, etc.

Shake you iPhone

We bet you didn’t know that shaking your iPhone can undo an action. This shortcut can correct your misspellings on iMessage, Mail app, Notes app, or anywhere you write anything. If you feel awkward to shake your phone in public, you can use the left swipe motion with three fingers to undo your mistakes. To redo anything, give your screen a right swipe with three fingers.

Text Replacement

Text replacement features can be such a time saver for people on-the-go.  You can create your personalized text-based shortcuts for long words or phrases. If you use this feature, you will only have to type a predetermined shortcut, and your iPhone will write the longer text allotted to that shortcut. You can use it to write your home address, email address, phone number, or commonly used phrases. To personalize your experience, follow these steps:

1.      Go to Settings and click on General.

2.      Select Keyboards and click on Text Replacement.

3.      Create and save your shortcut replacements.

Use Reachability

When you’re out in the sun, shopping your groceries or doing anything that allows you to text with one hand only, this feature will come out as your savior. This shortcut will bring down the top half of your screen to reach every corner of the phone screen without stretching your thumb too far. To use this shortcut, double-tap the Home button, and if your device doesn’t have a Home button, swipe down from the bottom of your screen. To exit this shortcut, tap the arrow at the top of the screen to make everything shift up again.

All of these shortcuts will help you in odd times to save your time and give you a smarter interface. If you organize and label a bunch of different apps in separate folders, you will save some time looking for them on your device.

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