Most Essential Tools for Lawn Care

Homeowners do care a lot for the cleanliness and maintenance of their lawn area. It’s one of the most important parts of their arena as it’s on the forefront and creates quite a strong impact on the surroundings. People tend to spend a lot of resources for maintenance of their lawn area and do extensive care to make it look good.  The overall landscape of their place is defined extremely by the outlook of their lawn area. There are a number of tools that can be utilized for the proper maintenance of their lawn area. Let’s have a look upon some of the most essential tools for lawn care that can be utilized for a structured and systematic appearance.



Lawn mower

Lawn mower is amongst the most important and useful tools for the maintenance of the lawn area. It can be a savior for the last time needed and can be handled easily without any pre-training. To cut the grass and to give the lawn area a complete finish, a lawn mower is one of the essential tools for lawn care.


Leaf Rake

The other one is a leaf rake that usually comes with a light weight and a fan shaped structure with flat springy tines directing outwards. Its structure is such that the design is light enough to glide over the grass without any damage to the turf. Sometimes also attributed as lawn rakes and are available in steel, bamboo polypropylene types of material. The most preferred choice is the bamboo or polypropylene leaf racks as they are absolutely rust free.


Snow Shovel

As the name already suggests, snow shovels are a must for the people living in the cold regions but even a very useful tool for the people in the warmer regions as a fold up option for eradicating dust all around. There are numerous benefits associated with the same Shoveling: snow can be quite a tedious task especially when it involves risk of getting serious health issues like heart attacks, worsening of breath issues as well as back injuries.  It comes in various types of shapes and designs and usage is according to the different levels of snow. Though using a snow shovel can be a good exercise as well if used in a proper manner burning around 600 calories in a single time usage.


Double hand hoe


Double hand hoe is amongst the very crucial and handy tools for gardening purposes. The tool should be on the list every time when concerning gardening and lawn care purposes. It’s generally a tool with a digger on one side and a hoe on the other. The main utility of the tool is to loosen the soil at the time of starting of flower beds or cutting up large weeds.


Hand Pruner


These small and handy tools also play a quite significant role for shaping and structuring the decorative shrubs. They are purposely utilized for trimming delicate flowers, eradicating the thicker branches or for getting rid of the dead wood. There is a variety of hand pruners available such as bypass pruners, anvil pruners, ratchet pruners and double cut pruners each one designed according to specific needs and purposes. Keeping in mind which pruner is to be used at which time saves a lot of unnecessary time and effort and also helps in preventing unnecessary strains on hands and wrists.

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