Most Spectacular Railway Stations In Europe

Europe has always been known to the world for its architectural gems but very few people know that this continent is the home to a bunch of splendid railway stations which will leave you speechless. Railway is one of the most popular and convenient ways to travel during the Europe tour and it also allows travellers to explore the architectural gems hidden in many of its stations. We are mentioning few of those spectacular railway stations underneath.


Atocha, Madrid (Spain)

While booking your Europe holiday package from Dubai, don’t forget to include Madrid in it. Although this city has many tourist attractions to lure travellers but Madrid Atocha is certainly a very offbeat and charming place to visit. This is the largest railway station in Madrid which was formed by combining the Madrid Atocha Cercanias and Madrid Puerta de Atocha. This place is dotted with indoor gardens, cafes and everything else that you can wish for.


Liege – Guillemins, Liege (Belgium)

Liege – Guillemins is the main railway station in Liege which is the 5th largest city in Belgium. This is a very important railway hub in the country as it is among those 3 Belgian stations that deal in high-speed rail network. Liege – Guillemins station features an amazing futuristic architectural plan designed by famous architect Santiago Calatrava. This railway station came into function on 18th September 2009 and since then it is serving more than 15,000 people every day.


Antwerp Central, Belgium

Belgium is a mesmerizing travel destination that you must visit during your Europe tour package from Dubai. Even if you have no plan to go to Antwerp but we will insist you to do that just to take a look at its ravishing railway station, the Antwerp Central. This station is described as one of finest example of railway architecture in the world because of its matchless Delacenserie design and making it hard to assign under any particular architectural style.


Sao Bento, Porto (France)

When we are talking about spectacular railway stations from your Europe holiday package from Dubai, we cannot afford to skip Sao Bento from Portugal. Located at the city of Porto and serving as its main railway station, the Sao Bento station is particularly celebrated for its tile panels or azulejo panels that speak of the history of Portugal in an artistic way. This railway station is positioned at the Almeida Garret Square which is the heart of the city.


St. Pancras, London (England)

St. Pancras Railway Station, also known as St Pancras International, is a central London railway terminus situated on Euston Road in London and it is listed as a Grade I building for its marvellous architectural design. St. Pancras Railway Station is widely known for its fascinating Victorian style of architecture.


Gare de Lyon, Paris (France)

Gare de Lyon is one of the largest mainline railway termini in Paris. Approximately 90,000,000 people travel through this railway terminus every year and this makes it the 3rd busiest station in France and one of the busiest in Europe. Gare de Lyon is surely a masterpiece of architectural work paired with beautiful detailing.

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