Motorola Edge: A Near-to-Flagship Experience

Motorola has been in a dormant state for a while in the smartphone market. But that changed when it launched its new flagship Motorola Edge Plus, a few months back. The Plus version came at a reasonably competitive pricing of $999 and was designed to compete against the likes of Galaxy S20 Ultra, a $1400 Flagship by Samsung. But now Motorola has launched its new near-to-flagship smartphone that looks to be more budget-oriented and targeted towards a broader spectrum. This duo of the flagship promises a semi-flagship experience at a much lesser price. Motorola Edge was launched at $699; however, the company offers a limited-period offer where you can get the Edge for $499, making it half the price of its higher-end duo. Let’s dig deeper into different aspects of the phone.

Motorola Edge: A Near-to-Flagship Experience


The Edge looks quite similar to its higher-end variant design-wise. The Motorola Edge is a looker with a waterfall display that curves halfway around the side until it meets the aluminum frame. It comes with a beautiful 6.7-inch OLED panel that supports HDR (but not HDR Plus) and offers decent viewing angles. For many people, curved screens have fallen out of favor due to touch input mistakes on phones in the past, so whether you like it depends on personal preference. It is worth noting that we didn’t find it to be an issue on this particular phone. It’s not too heavy, and the top and bottom bezels are quite small. Fortunately, the Edge retains the high refresh rate of 90hz. It has a fast and reliable fingerprint reader, which not many phones can boast about. Gorilla Glass protects the display, and the phone promises to be splash and dust resistant.


The Edge has a Snapdragon 765 chipset with 5G support, a very recent Qualcomm chipset made for upper-mid-range devices. It came out on top of every other mid-range chipset. The only caveat is that slightly more expensive phones like the Oneplus 8 or the Realme X Pro offer the flagship Snapdragon. The Snapdragon 765 blazes through day-to-day tasks, and it doesn’t feel much less than the flagship. You can play most heavy games in high graphic settings with ease, no issues here. The Edge comes with a 6GB RAM, which is quite better than the 4GB options found in most other similarly priced devices.


You get a primary 64-megapixel sensor instead of the 108-MP in the Plus variant. By default, the Edge takes photos at 16-megapixels, it makes use of the pixel-binning technology to yield a 64-megapixel output. But just like the Plus variant, the full 64-MP mode in Edge generally comes out even worse. It takes reasonably crisp shots in daylight conditions, but the performance takes a hit as the lighting goes dim. There is a dedicated night mode for tackling low-light conditions, and it does reasonably well. It features a 2x optical zoom lens as compared to the 3x found in Plus. The rest of the cameras remain unchanged. The front camera captures crisp and detailed shots, but the portrait mode is a bit rough.

Battery & Charging

The Edge packs in a 4,500mAh battery, which has become fairly standard in the mid-range segment. The device is undoubtedly alluring when it comes to battery life. It’ll easily last you a day or more, even if you are a heavy user. It can sustain 6-7 hours of video streaming and about 6 hours of gaming. Generally, a 90Hz refresh rate consumes a considerable amount of power compared to the traditional 60Hz, but this is not the case here. Motorola has done fantastic software-level optimization, making it a highly power-efficient device with promising battery life. Although it doesn’t support wireless charging, it comes with a fast 18W charger in the box. Charging is where Motorola lags behind the competitors. It takes about 1.5 hours to charge the battery from zero to a hundred.

The Motorola Edge seems like an upper mid-range smartphone that imitates a flagship, and it becomes quite evident from the not-so well-done camera and slow charging. However, it looks and feels a lot more premium than regular mid-rangers. If you’re looking for a gaming phone with good battery life and a fantastic screen, this might be an excellent choice.

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