Mouth cancer: causes, symptoms, treatments:

Mouth cancer refers to oral cancer that is developed inside the tissue of the mouth or neck.

It can develop in any part of the mouth including the tongue, gums, lips, tonsils, and the other parts of the mouth. Oral cancer can cause if any person consumes alcohol too much and smokes a lot. These bad habits put the person at higher risk of suffering from oral cancer.

Oral cancer is one of the multiple types of cancer that are categorized under head and neck cancer. Because mouth cancer and head and neck cancer are treated in the same way.



Mouth cancer forms when there are changes in the cell’s DNA developed in the mouth and lips. Because the DNA instructs the cell how to function. The changes in the cell’s DNA are known as mutations.   These changes are not normal in the DNA of the gene. The cells are converted into cancer cells because of the abnormal changes in their genes. The mutations affect the gene in the way that their control over the cell growth and division may lose. They start growing continuously and dividing, the accumulation of abnormal mouth cells leads to a tumor. With passing the time they spread in the mouth and to the other areas of the head and neck.

Mouth cancer symptoms:

The symptoms of oral cancer may vary from person to person.  Some common symptoms that a person should be aware of may include:

  • Constantly mouth bleeding.
  • Extensive pain that never goes away.
  • Ulcers in the mouth that don’t heal.
  • Swollen jaw.
  • A lump on the lining of the mouth.
  • Mouth numbness.
  • Red and white patches on the tongue or mouth.
  • Suffering from dysphonia.

If you are noticing these symptoms for several days, you should consult a dentist open near me.


Usually, Mouth cancer starts in squamous cells that line your lips and the inner area of your mouth.  Doctors have identified some factors that may increase the risk of oral cancer in a person including:

  • Excessive consumption of alcohol.
  • You are a heavy smoker.
  • Extreme sun exposure to lips.
  • Transmission of HPV(human papillomavirus)
  • A weak immune system.

You can prevent the risk factors of causing mouth cancer if you stop using tobacco, drinking alcohol occasionally, protecting the skin on lips, visiting the dentist regularly so that it can be detected early and be cured. If you are feeling any abnormal changes in your mouth or lips, visit dds near me.

Treatment of mouth cancer:

The treatment of oral cancer depends on its type and the stage of diagnosis.

If you are at the early stage of mouth cancer, it is curable by surgery. The surgeons will remove the tumor and cancerous lymph nodes. Another option to cure cancer is radiation therapy. During this treatment, the doctor aims the radiation beams at the tumor once or twice a day.   The treatment may continue five days a week or two to eight weeks depending upon the state of it.

On the other hand, the professionals may choose Chemotherapy that is a treatment with medicines to kill cancer cells.  They give you medicines either orally or by an intravenous line(IV).  They may hospitalize you for the treatment.

The treatments of oral cancer may cause difficulty in swallowing food. It can be painful to eat, in that case, you should take the advice of a nutritionist. He can provide alternate options of vitamins and minerals that are also helpful in recovery.

Everybody should keep their mouth healthy and follow oral hygiene rules to avoid any kind of dental problem.

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