Mozilla Launches VPN Features for Android and Windows

Mozilla Firefox is one of the well known and most trusted open-source web browsers that have always served its users with its amazing services. It is the most commonly used web browser all over the world. This platform has recently announced the arrival of the service of Virtual Private Network (VPN) that is available for Windows users. However, the service for Android devices will be available sometime later in a few weeks. This step of Mozilla might provide it with some financial independence. This is a paid service that has started rolling out in some of the countries, including the US, Canada, UK, Singapore, New Zealand, and Malaysia. Anyone can have its monthly subscription that will be available at a price of $4.99. We all know how important the services of VPN have become these days. And keeping in mind the protection and security of the users, Mozilla has taken this significant step.

Are you one of the users of this trusted web browser? Want to know more about this service. If yes, then here, in our following article, we are going to provide you with all the detailed information that you want to know about this new VPN service offered by Mozilla. Please go through the full article to know more.

More Info on VPN Service Provided by Mozilla

VPN services play a great role in ensuring the online privacy and protection of the people. That is why we all are always advised to use the best VPN services while browsing through any web browsers. These days, a lot of web browsers are designed with the inbuilt VPN services that manage the online security and safety of its users. Well, in the case of Mozilla, it has also introduced this paid service that you can have to protect your online activities. In fact, the VPN tools have become much popular these days that you can use to hide your online activities and location. VPN acts as a wall against the online threats that have become so common these days. It encrypts the details of your data while transmission through the internet and protects the sensitive information.

Millions of people all over the world use these VPN tools for hiding their online activities. With these tools, it is harder for everyone to track you down. Even professionals like advertisers or publishers cannot access your information. And now speaking of this amazing VPN service of Mozilla, last year, the company had tested the beta version of this service. And now, according to the company, this fast and easy to use VPN service promises to provide a faster browsing experience to all the users, and this is possible because of its stable structure. The subscription package of this service can protect up to five different devices at the same time. Previously, the company had offered the beta version of this service to its users. After its success, finally, the official version of Mozilla’s VPN service is released now.

With so many options of VPN services available in the market, it becomes quite difficult for everyone to decide which one is best for us. Well, if you are a user of this excellent web browser, then you might know the quality of its services. That means you can totally trust the VPN service offered by this wonderful browser company. This service comes with a friendly user-interface, and anyone can easily set it up on their devices. So, this was all about the newly launched VPN service of Mozilla. We promised to keep you updated with the latest information. And for more details and updates like this, keep following us and don’t forget to visit our website.

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Source:- Mozilla Launches VPN Features for Android and Windows

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