MSME Registration In India : Procedure, Documents Required

Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises is the full form of MSMEs. India is a developing nation and it relies heavily on its MSME industries to support its economy. When these sectors expand, the nation’s economy grows and thrives. These businesses are also known as SSIs or small-scale industries. These industries benefit from the various perks offered by the government.

Online MSME Udyam registration procedure

MSME Registration is done entirely online. The government website is where you can register your MSME online. The MSME registration can be done as per the following two categories in the portal:

  1. For new business owners who have not yet registered as MSME or EM-II
  2. For those who have registered as UAM and for those who have already registered as UAM through assisted filing

For new business owners who have not yet registered as MSME or EM-II:

Click on the button “For New Entrepreneurs who are not registered as MSME or those with EM-II” shown on the home page for registering MSME by new entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs with EM-II registration. A new MSME registration is completed by providing the PAN and Aadhaar card numbers.

The “For New Entrepreneurs who are not Registered as MSME or those with EM-II” button on the government portal’s home page opens the registration page and requests the entrepreneur’s name and Aadhaar number.

The “Validate and Generate OTP Button” must be clicked after entering these details. The PAN Verification page opens after you click this button, and the OTP is received and entered.

The “Type of Organization” and PAN Number must be entered by the business owner before pressing the “Validate PAN” button. The portal obtains the PAN information from government databases and verifies the entrepreneur’s PAN number.

The Udyam Registration form will appear after PAN verification, and entrepreneurs need to fill it up with their personal and business information.

Once you fill in all the information on the MSME registration form, the “Submit and Get Final OTP” button must be pressed. A notice stating that the MSME online registration process was successful and providing a reference number will display. For further use, write down the reference number. The Udyam Registration Certificate is issued following verification of the MSME registration form, which could take a few days.

Registration For Entrepreneurs Already Having UAM:

The button labeled “For those having registration as UAM” or “For those already having registration as UAM through Assisted filing” must be clicked by those who are already registered as UAMs. It will bring up a window where you may enter your Udyog Aadhaar number and choose an OTP option.

You can obtain the OTP via email or mobile with the filled-out UAM. After selecting the OTP Options, The “Validate and Generate OTP” button must be hit. After inputting the OTP, you must complete the MSME registration form with the necessary information, and Udyam registration is then complete.

Registration process for udyog aadhar registration/MSME registration online?

Log in and select “MSME Registration” from the website.

Complete the application form by providing your information (Free of Cost)

Udyam Registration will require an Aadhaar number. (Your cell number should be linked to your Aadhaar because that’s where you’ll get the verification OTP.)

The owner of a proprietorship firm, the controlling partner of a partnership firm, and a Karta, in the event of a Hindu Undivided Family, must all have an Aadhaar number (HUF).

Suppose the organization is a company, limited liability partnership, cooperative society, or trust. In that case, the authorized signatory must also submit the organization’s GSTIN and PAN in addition to its Aadhaar number.

Self-declaration forms must be filled out for any information lacking from earlier years when an enterprise wasn’t legally registered as an Udyam with a PAN.

After Registration, you will receive a permanent registration number.

Upon completing the registration process, a certificate will be made available online.

This certificate will have a dynamic QR Code that may be scanned to learn more about the business and its website on the portal for the government.

There is no need for the renewal of the Registration.

Note: Anyone with an EM-II registration, a UAM registration, or any other registration issued by a body within the Ministry of MSME must re-register. No business is allowed to submit more than one Udyam Registration. However, registration can specify or add any number of activities, such as manufacturing, services, or even both.

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