MTR Vibro Cleaning Machine and Destoner Machine

Prepare for filtering and make it double because we bring to you our rising stars in the market for filtering and purity. The MTR Vibro Cleaning Machine and Destoner machine are the two pillars which you can rest your business well upon, that’s a guaranty we give to you.

The MTR Vibro cleaning machine is producing a high competency aspiration system and outlet aspiration for post-screening. It works easily to provide air wash of the goods to exterminate the dirt and dust, loose husk, and fiber.

It delivers great execution in which the deck inclination, stroke & angle of throw are adjustable. The screen is offered to employ unbalanced vibratory motors mounted in the heart of the machine. To make sure minimum or flat transference of vibration from the vibrating deck to the machine structure, the MTR Vibro cleaning machine is mounted on four flexible multi-element springs.

On the other hand, we have our Destoner Machine which operates based on the variation in grain specific gravity, shape, grain size, and surface environment. When the rice Destoner functions, the working desk is covered with a spun cable net bed, through which air passes from underneath. Bulky impurity such as rocks is not lifted by the air cushion and remains on the mesh foundation. The vibratory movement of the desk makes the bulky impurity(stones/sand) moved to the start of the regulating plate at the distant edge of the machine.

That’s how our Destoner removes sand or stones from rice, grains.

Thus with our state-of-the-art machines, we can guaranty you a filtering process the likes of which you have never seen before. Our machines are quite yet efficient which will provide you with peace and ease of use guaranteed any time you need.

Global standards and excellence is our motto and our two machines reflect this in every aspect possible and rest assured you will feel the same after purchasing them we know. Prepared to be enamored by their ease of maintenance and service which will lead to a hassle-free and time-saving experience that you have never seen before

Some if not all of our Destoner machine features include: –

Very effective for

  • removal of impurities from Green coffee & All Grains
  • removal of impurities from wheat and pulses
  • removal of impurities from Paddy and Rice

Unique Innovations such as:-

  • Made with Imported Vibro motors
  • Negligible waste of paddy
  • Excellent Aspiration system for air fluidization grain separation
  • Made with double-deck screens for the more trustworthy execution
  • Rugged design and careful assembly to eliminate rocks from paddy along with other contaminants

Some if not all of our MTR Vibro cleaning machine features include: –

  • Condition: New
  • Material: Metal
  • Power Source: Electric
  • Energy-efficient: Yes
  • Space efficient: Yes
  • After-sales support: Yes
  •  Spare part Availablity: yes

These products are foraged from A1 grade materials making it truly one of the best products we have in our arsenal. The MTR Vibro cleaning machine and Destoner Machine meets its industry standards in all aspects.

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