Mulled Wine Spice Blend

Mulled wine and other spiced alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, such as Mulled Cider, are one of the great pleasures that go hand in hand with the European winter. “Mull” means to “heat, sweeten and flavour”. Accordingly, mulled wine is served warm or hot, sweetened and spiked with the addition of citrus, Cinnamon and other fragrant spices, imbuing even the most ordinary wine with heavenly flavours and a rich and intoxicating perfume. For Northern Europeans, the luscious aroma wafting from steaming cups of mulled wine is a guaranteed spirit raiser, evoking scenes of cosy winter nights by the fireplace and the festive air of the holiday season. Mulled wine is also known as Glühwein (Germany), Glogg (Sweden) or Vin Chaud (France).

Spice Zen’s Mulled Wine Spice Blend consists of a traditional blend of premium organic mulled wine spices with a warming, sweet and fruity flavour.

Our Mulled Wine Spice Blend makes a comforting and soothing alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage to serve any time of the year. Packed in a gift box (the type of gift box may vary due to availability), this blend is a celebration of traditional festive spices and makes a thoughtful, gourmet gift idea. Gently simmer the spices in red wine to infuse the drink with flavour. Cider and fruit punch are other favourites for the mulling treatment and can also be served as warm winter treats. Spices Online Australia

Check out the recipes under the Related Recipe tab to enjoy our handcrafted Mulled Wine Spice Blend. Brew large batches for the festive season celebrations with family and friends.

The 20 gram pack contains gently crushed (not powdered) spices in a reusable muslin bag ready to be infused into your mulled drink. A Star Anise per pack is included for garnish. This pack will make about 1-1.2 litres of mulled wine. Chuck the muslin bag in your soup, after making your mulled wine, to pack a delicious flavour.

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