Music sensation David Guetta couples with crypto-based VR platform

Soon to be released aVR platform, Sensorium Galaxy has joined hands with popular French Disc Jockey David Guetta. The platform shall present a native ERC-20 token called SENSO. Alike in-game money in Fortnite’s V-Bucks, the platform will use SENSO for each value deal inside the Sensorium Galaxy, which will work under Sensorium Corporation a blockchain and tech company. InSensorium’s alternate universe,the project is the first blockchain-based app but they are running on other apps with distributed ledger tech. 

Anapppresently explored on the platform is studying how users can save their profiles. Sensorium Galaxy avatars are fuelled by AI which means that they recognize the behavior of their clients and can play freely based on the learnings. With the passage of time, the avatars gain a precise virtual portrayal of oneself. All this along with better security and fixity.

Guetta voiced exhilaration in coupling with Sensorium, stating that the platform is significantly better than present event seeing systems. The project is forecasted to launch in the first half of 2021. Sensorium is financed by Russian magnate Mikhail Prokhorov and TIDAL, a media platform owned by rapper Jay-Z. Sensorium dealt TIDAL with investment tokensSENSO tokens worth $7 million. 

Sensorium, the VR platform, places itself as a digital environment where users communicate with each other, watch concerts and take part in various activities via their avatars. Sensorium shall swank events created by Guetta, who was quick in adapting to the digital domain. Guetta has live-streamed high traffic events for COVID aid funding. Guetta will create a series of exclusive performances in the universe only available for holders of token asset offering SENSO in this collaboration. Offering a native token in place of STO bitcoin will be helpful in adaptability, safety, and compatibility. The token will be based on Ethereum so that majority of users can easily deal and hold the asset.

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