Must Have 4 Toilet Aids for The Elderly

With age, the elderly start using different aids like wheelchairs, to help their body provide them the extra support that they need. And so, with limited mobility it becomes extremely difficult for the elderly to carry on their bathroom activities on their own without using extra support. Therefore, as a caretaker you need to provide them with few toilet aids that can make the process comfortable and easy to use. Keep reading further to explore 4 must have toilet aids for the elderly.


1. Raise Toilet Seats:

Toilet is one such place, which the elderly uses multiple times in a day. Therefore, it is important for you as a caretaker that you provide a comfortable toilet seat for them. A raised toilet seat is one of the ideal solutions that the elderly require. It helps them to sit and stand properly without any discomfort. It is especially designed for those who cannot bend their knees too far to sit on a normal toilet seat. This aid helps increase the height of the toilet seat which eliminates the chances of losing balance and falling while using it. It also provides the elderly with a sense of independence, and self confidence because they need not require any assistance in using toilets anymore. It is helpful for elderly suffering from arthritis, spine and back problems, knee and hip problems, and also those weighing higher on a wein scale.


2. Toilet Frames:

Toilet frames help provide the elders with reliable support while they sit and stand from their toilet seat. It is a really helpful aid for people with hip, back or knee problems. It is also used as a grab after surgeries in rehab. The best thing about this toilet aid is that it is adjustable, so that you can set it according to the height of your elderly so that they feel comfortable while using it.


3. Commode Cushions:

Commode cushions are very important for bony patients. It helps reduce the pressure on the lower body. Regular commodes have a seat that puts a lot of pressure on legs, knees, other digestive organs, rectal organs and so on. So, a commode cushion helps provide a soft foam material that can be placed on the commode seat. It provides comfort to the body of the elderly and increases the hygiene levels of the user as well.


4. Anti Slip Mats:

Having an anti-slip mat in wet areas helps prevent the risks of slipping and falling down. It is available at affordable prices and acts as lifesaving at times. It is available in 3 different types. Including the foam mat which is found at homes and laundry rooms.  Foam rubber mat which are used in workshops and manufacturing plants. And a hard rubber anti slip mat which are durable and comfortable options out of the three. It does not allow the feet of the user to directly come in contact with a wet floor, which reduces the chances of falling.



If you are taking care of the elderly, then you need to provide them with comfortable commodes as well as toilet aids. It helps the elderly to feel secure and maintain their hygiene levels as well.  It is what helps reduce the chances of falling and hurting themselves badly. It makes the elderly feel a sense of independence, because they need not rely on the caretaker for each and every activity. Also, making the toilets elderly friendly helps them put less pressure on their back and knees and also helps recover fast if they had a surgery lately. These were the 4 must have toilet aids that you need to provide to your elderly. It helps provide them with the extra support that they require at this age because of their weak joints and muscles.

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