Must-Have Equipment for Optimizing Your Third-Party Logistics Operation

Whether you are operating a warehouse, distribution-based third-party logistics (3PL) company or a transportation-based 3PL service, it’s essential that you optimize your operation. Time is of the essence and cutting down on the time it takes to move inventory and deliver it can be the difference between a client choosing your company or going with a competitor. Here’s the must-have equipment to get a leg up on the competition.

Hand Truck (2)Hand Trucks

Most warehouse and distribution-type 3PL companies strive to be like Amazon: find the right product in the closest warehouse and deliver it at a lightning pace. No matter what kind of 3PL service you provide, you are going to need hand trucks. Whether it’s moving inventory around the warehouse or onto a truck, hand trucks make the process safe and efficient. A single employee can move multiple boxes in a single trip with ease instead of trying to hold a box or two. Simple to use and easy to maneuver, hand trucks are the first step in elevating your 3PL operation’s performance and efficiency.

Heavy Duty Hand Trucks

The classic hand truck can perform a great number of jobs, but it does have its limits. For moving material and products over the weight limit of the traditional hand truck, turn to a heavy duty hand truck. As the name implies, a heavy duty hand truck is meant to carry heavier loads than the traditional hand truck.

Whether your 3PL operation is handling the shipment of appliances or furniture, a heavy duty hand truck will help your employees move hundreds of pounds in a single trip. When your employees have to transport heavy goods from a factory to a warehouse, you will want them to use the best equipment that allows them to optimize their time.

Inventory Systems

Which boxes did your employee put on that hand cart? Do you know which products are moving in and out of the warehouse? What does the truck that just left your warehouse contain? Is it optimized for its route? An inventory system can not only help you keep track of which products are where, but how to optimize loads on delivery trucks. This even applies to LTL, helping you determine whether a full truck is more or less efficient than a truck with a less than full load.

Your clients may already have inventory systems that you will need to integrate with. In any case, you will likely want to use an inventory system for your warehouse that requires barcodes and a scanner. This keeps the supply chain running smoothly with every product and box accounted for while in the warehouse, and during shipping and distribution. If your 3PL operation focuses on the management side of logistics, rather than storing, transporting, and distributing, you are likely to rely on an inventory system even more.

About Magline

Magliner hand trucks are a cornerstone of the material handling industry and have been for more than 70 years. They’re so established as a staple of material handling that the word “Magliner” has become a stand-in for every hand truck, regardless of its brand. The truth is, however, that there is simply no substitute for the real thing. Magline’s standard of reliability, dependability, quality, and ease of use is unmatched. In addition to their traditional dolly, Magliner material handling solutions include a collection of more specialized equipment, including their appliance hand truck collection, stair climbing cart line, electric hard cart line, lift hand truck models, and much more. If your work requires moving something, there is Magliner perfect for the job.

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