The evolution of Shadow IT with McAfee MVISON Cloud

Since the industry is shifting from hardware to the cloud-based you need a way out to meet the need of desired output and provide a strong platform that can provide you with solutions that are easy to grasp just like a nursery rhyme.


McAfee MVISION Cloud protects cloud-native data with in-built solutions no matter where it resides. Along with ensuring sensitive data policies across multiple platforms, it also protects valuable company data as one move from the legacy application to cloud-based applications. You can easily detect and correct user threat and malware.

McAfee MVISION Cloud Products

McAfee offers the following products to individuals for safeguarding their cloud storage from various threats.

  • McAfee MVISION Cloud for Shadow IT
  • McAfee MVISION Cloud for Office 365
  • McAfee MVISION Cloud for Box
  • McAfee MVISION Cloud for Salesforce
  • McAfee MVISION Cloud for Slack
  • McAfee MVISION Cloud for Amazon Web Services
  • McAfee MVISION Cloud for Custom Applications
  • McAfee MVISION Cloud for Dropbox
  • McAfee MVISION Cloud for ServiceNow
  • McAfee MVISION Cloud for Google Drive

Services you receive from McAfee MVISION Cloud

  • Cloud Visibility: McAfee MVISION Cloud discovers all cloud services used by employees, including services uncategorized by firewalls and web proxies.
  • Compliance: also implements DLP policies across data to ensure productivity with regulations and internal policies.
  • Activity Monitoring: Provides a centralized control panel to analyze high-risk activity across all cloud services as well as performs forensic investigations with a complete audit.
  • Threat Protection: Analyzes cloud activity across multiple platforms by developing an updated model of user behavior.
  • Encryption: MVISION Cloud delivers end-to-end data encryption which protects data as it is uploaded to the cloud as well as data that is already there.
  • Access Controls: it blocks the permissions for activity. In addition to this, it integrates with Mobile Device Management solutions to enforce device-based access controls.

McAfee MVISION Cloud for Shadow IT

It enables governments and business organizations to take hold of their employees’ cloud services in use by implementing real-time governance policies for threat protection. A number of users get visibility into cloud usage and the risk associated with cloud services. IT and McAfee security teams use employees’ information to implement governance policies that allow or block cloud services. Additionally, it integrates flawlessly with cloud services using proxies and firewalls.

McAfee provides an additional level of security for users through the latest technology and unique structure. Using this technology, McAfee encrypts sensitive data to keep it away from prying eyes. This encryption is done by coding the details such as user names and IP addresses in a mathematics code or hashing algorithms.

These codes are considered to be the most secure cryptographic standards available today. The original data cannot be reversed in a mathematical form without a lookup table. This lookup table is stored on the customer’s premises only. This unique structure ensures that no one outside of the customers’ premises can access to user-specific data.

McAfee MVISION Cloud for Shadow IT is available for users across the globe. For queries related to products or pricing, contact Customer support service. You will be provided with guided-solutions to all your queries.

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