My Business Is Having A Midlife Crisis (FS318)

Is the success that you have now what you set out for? When you reach a milestone in your business does it live up to the expectations you had? Are you where you are supposed to be?

These are burning questions a lot of
us, as entrepreneurs, have and that we, at the Fizzle Show, are going to try
and help you answer. We are all on a constantly evolving path and analyzing and
becoming comfortable on this journey is at least half the battle!

In this episode we pose the questions
that are related to this somewhat elusive idea. We talk about what is most
meaningful and fulfilling in your work and in your life in general and we
consider how displacing some of the stresses of working solely on your own
business can lead to more contentment and success!

We also talk about creating and telling real stories, finding where you need to be and share three big tips for fining your ideal lifestyle and work within that. So for all this and more great ideas to boot, be sure to join us on the Fizzle Show today!

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Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introducing today’s question and topic. [0:04:40.5]
  • Is the successful business you have what you
    really wanted? [0:07:07.7]
  • Why the actual work is more meaningful than the
    money. [0:13:01.2]
  • Your business as a life source and journey. [0:17:29.5]
  • Weighing up the challenges of your own business
    versus a day job. [0:21:02.3]
  • Real stories as opposed to oversimplified
    business strategies. [0:27:13.8]
  • The idea that being where you need to be makes
    things easy. [0:33:23.6]
  • A journalling practice and the metrics that
    allow you find what leads to success. [0:38:32.1]
  • Purpose, desire, metrics and designing your life
    and business around these. [0:42:02.6]
  • The ever changing nature of your own purpose and
    fulfillment. [0:48:03.7]
  • Three tips for more clearly developing your
    vision. [0:50:21.3]
  • It’s magical and beautiful where you are! [0:55:21.8]
  • And much more!

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