My Favorite Top 10 Comedy Venues

Being a Comedian for at least 20 decades now, I could honestly state I have done in the worst areas and also the best areas in the nation. I’ll concentrate on the top areas because I think comedy ought to be a joyful event rather than a downer. Why is a Comedy Club enjoyable and effective is the appropriate setting. It’s all about setting, seating arrangement and first and foremost, the closeness element. Comedy is a romantic medium that constantly works best in smaller places of 400 seats or less. The larger the place, the less the audience a part of their encounter. I feel that Comedy Clubs and tiny Theaters are the very best, particularly for a crowd worker such as myself. With all That Said, this is my list:


My Favourite Comedy Venues Of Time 1. It had been the first and really the ideal. It was fine and small, about 100 chairs, romantic, and had this atmosphere about it. When you’re on this point, you understood the likes of George Carlin, Richard Pryor, Lenny Bruce and anybody else you may imagine in Comedy, had completed there until you. What a wonderful place it was. I miss it and the proprietor, Silver Friedman, was fantastic to me.

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