My Travel Experience to Kashmir Post Covid-19

After all the pandemics, we searched for a relaxing vacation and decided to go to Kashmir. My 10 friends and I planned a trip together to this paradise. We also came up with this line about Kashmir: “If Heaven is on the Earth, it is in Kashmir.”

Kashmir is, without a doubt, one of India’s most beautiful states. You will find tranquillity and peace, beautiful places, stunning valleys, ski areas, tranquillity and nature, serene meadows and pristine rivers, kahwa and hospitality, as well as shikaras and shikaras in Kashmir.


Let’s take a virtual tour of our 8-day travel experience to Kashmir, which will help you plan a relaxing trip to this “Heaven on Earth”.


Our journey began in Srinagar, the capital city of Jammu & Kashmir and home to around 20 million people. The pleasant weather and breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains await you as soon as you leave the airport.

We visited some of Srinagar’s most popular tourist spots, including Nishad Garden, built-in 17 century. It is the second-largest cultivated garden in Kashmir. It is one of the most stunning gardens you’ll find. The best thing about it is the beautiful backdrop of the Zabarwan Mountains.

Srinagar today is home to the largest Tulip Garden in Asia. The Tulips only bloom for 2-3 months in summer. If you want to be able to enjoy them, plan. These glorified beauties will be a joy to watch. The Indira Gandhi Memorial Gardens hosts the tulip festival at the beginning of April.

You can also visit scenic botanical gardens like Shalimar Bagh, which is the largest. Also, you can add Chashme Shahi Gardens to your itinerary. These gardens will not disappoint, I promise.

The fun part was the shikara ride through the Dal Lake, with the stunning Himalayan ranges in the background and the Mughal Gardens and markets facing the lake. It will surprise you to learn about the daily life in dal lakes, the ferry that people use to get from their homes and towns, the ferry used by children to go to school and the unforgettable moment of riding your shikara to enjoy the sunset. You should enjoy this beauty in the evening hours when the sky is clear, and the reflections of the mountains can be seen.



Pahalgam, at an elevation of approximately 7,200 feet, is about 2 hours drive from Srinagar. You will see many Chinese trees and woolly dogs along your journey. Pampore village, which is famous for its manufacture of cricket bats, will be your next stop. The meadows and mountains on the way to this hill station will accompany you. After a while, the Lidder river will join you. It flows parallel to your road and is cold and beautiful.

You can visit many beautiful places in this area. Chandanwadi is located 16 kilometres from Pahalgam. To travel around the area, you can take a pony ride, do a snow-boarding activity or walk to Sheshnag lake to enjoy the serenity and beauty of nature.




Although Kashmir is stunning, Gulmarg will be the highlight of your journey to this beautiful place. You will find magnificent mountain ranges along the route, including Deodars and Pine trees, Amaltas and Kikar trees.

The hotels and main ground were completely covered in white snow even during April. To explore the charming little town of Gulmarg, you can go on a sunny evening walk.

Gulmarg’s most popular attraction is the Gondola ride that takes you to Apharwat Peak via the highest cable car in the world. To reach Apharwat Peak, there are two levels to this Gondola ride. The Gondolas Level 1 starts at the Gondola Resort and ends at Kongdoori Station. It takes approximately 20 minutes to reach the beautiful snow-covered mountains. You can take part in many adventure activities like snow scooters and skiing. If you want to steal something, there are also small makeshift restaurants.

You can then take the Level 2 cable car from Kongdoori Station up to Apharwat Peak. It is located very close to the Line of Control (India-Pakistan). To move around Gulmarg, you can rent 4wd scooters starting at the base of the cable car station.


Many of us have an ingrained view of Kashmir, even though we are now at the end of our journey. Many people believe that the Kashmir Tour Package is unsafe to travel to because of all the conflict and political violence. It’s false. We didn’t encounter any saddening or threatening incidents, and we went about our daily lives as normal. As I said, the Kashmiri people are friendly and warm. You can talk to them and listen to their stories. The Kashmir trip is A little more.


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