MyPLAYER – Insert the respec feature into the game

For the folks who dont play online or buy nba 2k20 mt don’t have any internet add more ways for them, like the re-create a legend at which we can choose a legend from bill russell too steph curry and play with a my career with them, a dip competition like the old days where people could do it without playing my league and select who we would like to engage and actually something enjoyable in mycareer like rivalries where if you get a highlight play you rival you get extra rep, badge points or alot of lovers..

For instance they make a lot of situations that may randomly happen throughout your mycareer such as giannis getting in an argument with the dollars head trainer and demanding a transaction or a brawl breaking out mid match that triggers a cut scene. Mycareer isnt fun play and nobody wants to play it to badge points so give us something while we are doing it, to experience. Add signature dip rituals too the park such as a shawn kemp dunk ritual at which if you dip on somebody and they fall over you are able to bend down and point at themstand them over and stare them down, head to assist them up but then take your hand away.

Gameplay suggestion – Please make rod input the deciding factor on which activity is performed. I would have a blocked dip than a block layup. I feel as if the match forcing you into certain animations limits the prospect of success. The majority of the time dip attempts are changed into layup attempts to prevent calling flagrant a. This is only because the players goes into an undercutting animation, causing a dreadful fall, rather than adding undercuts and punishing poor defensive positioning, crime as a whole suffers because protection is rewarded for what ought to be an unsportsmanlike foul a majority of the time. My player has the lane for a dip, the defensive player runs into my lane without establishing position, my players then shifts his animation to compensate for the bad defense and I jack up a fantastic layup, I overlook the layup using a foul call, and the shield is rewarded with a rally and possession.

This is a bug that needs to be dealt with. Getting magnetized in the lane is not a part of basketball. Rework the card system… Make it so lower tier players are now usable and high tier players are more scarce. Make it more realistic concerning lineups into creating your roster that some strategy goes. If everybody’s team looks like an All Time Allstar team after 1 23, it destroys the effect of players. Something similar to FIFA ultimate team where many teams have golden players with a couple of special cards, so that the special cards are actually special. Rosters should be mostly base level current NBA players.

MyPLAYER (Attributes/Badges/Builds) – Insert the respec feature into the game. Below are a few details on how I think it should look, but it can vary to meet the communities needs. First off it’d make life so much easier and save so much time and effort if we can tune our builds rather than creating an entire other one and wasting more of our cash. Second, this feature shouldn’t give players the ability to recreate entire builds (e.g. switch from a PG playmaker into a C Glass) I feel that it should be more of a way for gamers to adjust their MyPlayers attributes after it was produced to provide better badges or animations that this includes height, weight, wingspan, and mt for sale 2k20 possibly takeover.

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