Myths about car windscreen repair!


In most cases where windscreens are replaced, there is a story behind it. The story hints that people are not fully aware of the facts of windscreen crack and chip repairs. Most cracks that demands windscreen replacement were initially small chips. People often ignore these small chips due to some or other reasons and eventually end up requiring windscreen replacement. Windscreen cracks are common these days. Any debris or stone flying at a speed can cause your windscreen to chip or crack. There are a lot of myths connected with windscreen chip repairs, and here are some of those.

Windscreen chips take time to fix:

One of the most common myths is the time required to fix a windscreen crack. People are too busy even to Google it. They keep on driving until the windshield demands replacement. Some think they need to leave the car for a day at the workshop as in windscreen replacement. However, the fact is car windscreen repair takes just about 30 minutes. You don’t have to spare more than an hour for repair. It is that simple!

Windscreen crack repair is costly:

One other misconception among people about windscreen repair is that the cost is high. Some car glass replacement companies do not repair glasses, but they prefer to replace the entire glass as it is more profitable for them. So they often misguide people about the cost of windscreen repairs. However, the fact is that small crack repair cost is much affordable. This cost is far less than the cost of a new windshield.

A crack can wait:

Another misconception is that people think a small crack can wait, and it is ok to drive with a cracked windscreen. You can also see many drivers driving their cars with small cracks in their windscreen. They are reluctant to drive to the workshop for a small repair. They often visit a windscreen replacement company after the crack expands considerably and hinder visibility while driving down the road. The most common myth about cracked car glass is that it doesn’t spread soon. However, any crack larger than a coin is not repairable, and smaller cracks tend to develop quickly with temperature changes. So it is always advisable to visit professionals at car windscreen chip repair Sydney as soon as possible.

A repaired windscreen is compromised:

Some car owners think that a brand new windscreen is safer than a repaired one. However, this is not true. If expert professionals do your windshield repair in Sydney, the new glass’s strength is the same as a brand new one. The resin used to repair the cracks has similar properties as the glass. Once it is treated, it has similar optical and mechanical features as the glass. So repairing a crack on-chip doesn’t compromise the strength of the windshield.

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